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Double Standard in Iran
…bsp;Branko Bjelajac (TWR's Director of Global Partnership Delvelopment), tells us about the double standard that exists in Iran concerning religious freedom.  A few Iranians are allowed to worship Christ, but most in Iran are not.  But…

Faith Police
…Branko Bjelajac, TWR's Director for Global Partnership Development, talks about what he calls the "Faith Police" in Iran.  The thought of a "Faith Police" is very troubling, but should we be surprised?  Biblically, the "Faith Police" have…

A Dream About Jesus - A Story of Hope (28/60)
…booklet and will feature one response online each week in celebration of our 60th anniversary. Language: FarsiRegion: Iran This story is about a man’s radical life change, which came about through Christ pursuing him in a dramatic fashion. May …

Speaking Hope via Media to a Lockdown World
…– the most powerful AM station in the Western Hemisphere. The program has been translated into Farsi for broadcast into Iran, another especially hard-hit country. Not only are listeners receiving pertinent information about the nature of the…

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TWR Lights the Persian Speaking World
…quo; World Watch List. Normally, you don’t hear much about this region located within the Central Asian countries of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, but TWR is working hard to shine God's truth into this culture of darkness. TWR serves as…

Languages Added for Women of Hope
…and Ankara, Turkey, during the first week of September 2012. Soon after, Farsi (or Persian), the official language of Iran, adds number 61 to the Women of Hope linguistic lineup. “God has answered years of prayers for Women of Hope in…

‘Tour Guide’ Taking Blog on the Road
In the past few weeks, she’s taken us to North Africa, West Africa, Cambodia, Thailand and Iran. Although those were virtual trips, carrying us around the world from the comfort of our computer screens, TWR blogger Judy Hughes soon will invest …

Turning Fear Into Hope: 10 Ways You Can Respond to COVID-19
… ways we can respond and turn fear into hope: 1. Pray for the deeply affected areas and our ministry within them. China, Iran, Italy — these coronavirus hot spots have seemingly been turned upside down because of this invisible foe, and it’s…

Women of Hope in Iran
Share freedom in Christ with oppressed women. The women of Iran are denied many of the basic freedoms that women in the West take for granted. Worse still, most are taught from infancy that they are worthless … God has abandoned them … no one…
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