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As Protests Flare, Cuba Needs Abundant Prayer
by Jon Hill Finally reached despite communication shutdowns, one of TWR’s partners in Cuba expressed an earnest plea as extraordinary protests roiled the island nation: “Pray a lot for us!” The Cuban native, whose name is withheld for…

Little Brother Grows Churches in Cuba
…brother’s investment in his life has reaped eternal dividends that are still reverberating throughout this part of Cuba. Enrique* was living in a small country village on the island’s northern shore, east of the capital city of Havana. It’s …

Two Years Later, Bonaire Signal Loud and Clear in Cuba
… a powerful AM transmitter at TWR’s station on Bonaire continues to make an audible impact more than 1,000 miles away in Cuba. On Jan. 30, 2018, TWR friends and family, local guests and dignitaries gathered on the small Caribbean island to…

Llegando a Cuba sin obstaculos
“No podemos mandar contenedores con comida a Cuba por las reglas gubernamentales, pero podemos mandar la palabra de Dios”. Este mes de Mayo 2018 en Shine 800 AM Bonaire, comienza a transmitirse el programa La Palabra de Hoy para Ti (en inglés, …

A New Believer In Cuba
…to preach.  So where did Alex turn for theological training?  Seminary was not an option becasue Alex lives in Cuba.  So Alex, continued to listen to TWR.  He still does--So do the members of his church.  Alex says "TWR is …

One Blind Man In Cuba
…the years, God has chosen to use many other "weak" men and women for His glory.  A current example is a blind man in Cuba.  His story is inspiring! Click here to learn about TWR's Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade Project to better reach Cuba…

With Castro's Passing, TWR's Commitment to Cuba Stays Strong
CARY, North Carolina (Nov. 29, 2016) – TWR has an important role to play in post-Fidel Castro Cuba. It isn’t political, and it isn’t commercial. You could, however, make a strong case that this role is more important than either of those and…

Con el fallecimiento de Castro, el compromiso de RTM a Cuba sigue fuerte
RTM/TWR tiene un papel importante en el Cuba post-Fidel Castro. No es un papel político, ni un papel comercial. Sin embargo, podría afirmar que es un papel aún más importante y que ya ha tenido un impacto de medio siglo en el país comunista…

“Vida en Familia Hoy” va a Cuba
…en Familia Hoy desde la emisora de RTM Bonaire 800 AM. Con este programa, RTM Bonaire ofrece a oyentes en países como Cuba, la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico una buena herramienta para animar la unidad como pareja y como familia al enfrentarse …

From Seminary To Labor Camp
I've heard Alberto Gonzalez described as "The Billy Graham of Cuba."  I've also heard that in Christian circles in Cuba, Alberto is viewed somewhat like a "rock star."  Why?  Partly because Alberto is the host of the only Christian…
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