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Broadcast 'Gems' amid Spiritual Poverty
…p; “This family is strengthened by the solid biblical teaching of programs like Grace to You, Dr. McGee’s Thru the Bible, Unshackled, Love Worth Finding and others. As there has been no church we could attend where the Bible is taught…

Train Up Children in the Way They Should Go
… she became a second-generation rider on the Bible bus – the plot device J. Vernon McGee used in presenting his Thru the Bible series. Her story brings to mind the oft-quoted verse Proverbs 22:6. I wanted to tell you that your program is a…

Leprosy Outcast Gives Mite for Ministry
… and the way to eternal salvation. He also prayed for her. The man taught her to tune into the TWR radio programs, such as Thru the Bible. Soon, the old woman started listening to them every day. The radio became part of her life, like a close friend…

An Inmate on a Mission
…however, probably isn’t what you expect. In a letter to TWR’s production team for the radio program Thru the Bible, Jarek (not his real name) said he was not “completely happy” when authorities moved him to a semi-open…

Meeting God Despite Family’s Denial
…culturally Christian Europe has left a legacy of distrust and hostility toward the faith. TWR programs such as Women of Hope, Thru the Bible and Leading the Way are available in Turkish on AM radio. * Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the…

Feeling Free for the Very First Time
…in significant pressure on new believers to recant their faith, according to the Open Doors ministry. Along with Leading the Way, TWR broadcasts available in Turkey include Women of Hope, Thru the Bible and the Talmatha discipleship program. 

Finding Comfort over the Airwaves
…for bringing it into my suffering heart. TWR programs reach Russian listeners via AM, FM and shortwave. Along with Women of Hope, a wide variety of programs are broadcast in Russian, among them Independence, Thru the Bible and The Little Seed.

Needing Employment, Needing Hope
…together. Let us thank God for the grace he has given to the pastor who ministers to us through Neno Litaendelea [Thru the Bible in Swahili]. I remember back in 2015 when I was unemployed. I remember being reduced to a grotesque image of my former…

An Accompaniment in Solitude
…them. You cannot imagine how blessed I feel with the study. … I really appreciate you because by listening to Thru the Bible, my interest and love for the Word of God has grown. Again, a thousand thanks because you are a blessing. You have…

The Legacy of Gospel Radio
TWR Country Focus: Colombia Without a doubt, J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible is among the most loved of the manifold programs broadcast by TWR in more than 230 languages around the world. Many listeners complete one five-year cycle of the late…
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