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Involucrando a los niños en la radio en vivo
¿Qué hace tu familia para pasar tiempo juntos? En Kenia, algunas familias han empezado a reunirse para escuchar historias bíblicas infantiles por la radio, todos los sábados. Incluso, una familia lo ha hecho una tradición para desayunar juntos...

From Strife and Turmoil to Lasting Peace
by Birgit Billau Christian radio programs are broadcast by TWR in over 275 languages, including Chhattisgarhi, spoken in a state in central India with a population of over 32 million and known for its forests, temples and waterfalls. Listeners...

TWR-Africa: 'Goats for Radios'
TWR Africa’s Marketing and Communications Director, Brent Bartlett, recently sent out an email to several national partners informing them about available funds for the distribution of windup radios in their region. TWR Kenya’s National...

“Vida en Familia Hoy” va a Cuba
Lunes el 23 octubre 2017, empezó la transmisión del programa Vida en Familia Hoy desde la emisora de RTM Bonaire 800 AM. Con este programa, RTM Bonaire ofrece a oyentes en países como Cuba, la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico una buena...

Like The Golden Age Of Radio
Have you ever listened to some of the great shows from the golden age of radio?  For instance..."The Shadow," "Fibber McGee and Molly," or "The Jack Benny Program?"  Or, in Christian radio, have you ever heard Moody's "Stories of Great...

What Is A China Radio Church Kit
Approximately 10,000 or more people in China are coming to Christ every day.  Wow!  But, with so many new believers in China, where will they worship?  House churches.  But with so many house churches being formed, who will pastor...

Love Asia by Radio
Since 1977, God has blessed the Asia region with lasting fruit because of TWR's broadcasts from the island of Guam. Thirty-three years later, TWR-Guam is still utilizing the same four, 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters. This equipment has far...

Cambiar el alcohol por la verdad
Milind * no evita la dura verdad sobre sus primeros días: el alcohol fue lo único que hizo que su vida fuera vivible y miserable al mismo tiempo. Beber era una parte habitual de cada semana. Pero cuando el coronavirus golpeó su región de la...

Studying by the Radio
Country Focus: Cuba In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of...

TWR President Distributes Radios
For the past week, TWR President Lauren Libby has traveled in Eastern Europe alongside John Summerville, TWR’s director of Radio Station Partnerships, TWR Romania director Nick Vandici and several U.S. radio station executives. The group has...
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