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Outreach to the Philippines
…that challenges them to live their lives for Christ 24/7. Through Women of Hope in three languages, TWR’s Filipino Project Hannah team offers a listening ear and biblical counsel to women seeking advice on issues such as unwanted pregnancies and…

TWR Women of Hope Cebuano (Philippines)
"My life is lost in the dark. I thought nobody was interested in listening to my struggles and was afraid to share about them for fear people would laugh at me. But when I heard the program Women of Hope, I knew that there was still hope left for...

TWR Women of Hope Africa
"Thank you very much for the Woman of Hope program. I just listened to it, and it helped me so much. I wanted to kill my children and myself so that we could have peace in heaven. I attempted to do it last Friday, but failed. I was diagnosed as...

TWR Women of Hope Arabic
Although TWR Women of Hope was founded in 1997, we were able to begin broadcasting Women of Hope in Arabic only a few years ago, in 2012. That timing can’t be a coincidence. In these days of great turmoil and change across the Arab world, we have...

TWR Women of Hope Ukranian
The current social-economic situation in Ukraine presents many challenges, especially for its women. Many are affected, directly or indirectly, by poverty, prostitution, trafficking, drugs, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, divorce or abortion. What these...

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United States of America
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Global Staff / Missionary

James and Lyn
The Burnetts are a South African family and have been with TWR since 1982, serving in the Africa region. They spent 12 years in Swaziland, where James was chief engineer. James is an electrical engineer and is involved in the technical aspects of...
Global Staff / Missionary

…prior to moving to TWR's Cary office in 2000. Peggy more recently served as an international program coordinator with Project Hannah, TWR’s ministry to women, and is also part of TWR’s strategic initiatives and partnerships team. Peggy and her…
Global Staff / Missionary

…managed relationships with many of TWR’s broadcast partners while Sandy represented TWR to churches on behalf of Project Hannah (now TWR Women of Hope), TWR’s global women’s outreach. In 2003, Bill and Sandy moved to Wales in the UK, where…
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