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Initiative for Men Kicks Off
… international director who now leads pastor-care conferences and is the husband of Marli Spieker, founder of TWR’s Project Hannah women’s ministry. He was joined on the speakers platform by Foster Braun and Kent Darcie, writers and hosts of the …

Rejoicing With The Roma
The Roma, or gypsies as they are commonly called, live in Central and Eastern Europe. If you do a quick web search on them, you'll discover something quickly--the population numbers for the Roma vary greatly. For instance, on the Wikipedia site for...

Beautiful Souls
I knew that the Roma people, or gypsies, in Central and Eastern Europe are often looked down upon. I knew that many countries don't want to claim the Roma or even count them in their census records. But, I didn't realize until today's conversation...

NPC: Continuing the Tradition of Connecting TWR Partners
… loudness consistency in audio productions. Adding to the sweetness of this year’s NPC included morning devotions led by Project Hannah coordinator of Northern Ireland, Yvonne Knox, exciting testimonies by various partners, updates on TWR’s media…

Introducing: Women of Hope
… is revitalizing and expanding its mission to take on a third decade of service. TWR Women of Hope is the new name of Project Hannah, which in nearly 20 years of ministry has established a global prayer network of more than 50,000 intercessors in…

Using Tech Know-How to Spread the Gospel
Kintronic Labs president Tom King has been overseeing efforts to prepare TWR antennas on Bonaire for the upcoming signal expansion, the result of the $3.8 million Power Up project. Tom King was bored. It was 1996, and for the first time, the company...

Daughter Points Father to Gospel
…Turkey: Turkey stands astride the boundaries of Europe and Asia and of conservative Islam and modern secular society. In 2012, Turkish became the 60th language in which the Project Hannah flagship program, Women of Hope, was broadcast.   

Church Isn’t Just for Funerals
TWR Country Focus: Mozambique A listener in Mozambique wrote TWR’s Project Hannah women’s ministry and global prayer movement to tell her poignant life story. In addition to producing the ministry’s flagship radio program, Women of …

Finding Comfort over the Airwaves
…with whom they have developed a long-distance relationship. A Russian listener got in touch with the staff of Project Hannah to say that the hosts of the program Women of Hope provided just the solace and uplift she needed during a tough time. When…

Radio Brings Vital Good News
…people making up the Persian-speaking world live in countries where the gospel faces significant antagonism. This makes it hard to learn about and act out biblical principles. Project Hannah’s Women of Hope began broadcasting in Farsi in 2012.
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