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Ministries Broadcast Call for Burundi Reconciliation
TWR National Partner Teams Up to Produce Radio and TV Program As political clashes fragment Burundi, TWR has united with other ministries to air television and radio broadcasts urging reconciliation and peace. The 30-minute episodes have begun airing...

K-LOVE Goes Offshore to Help TWR Partner
…that the U.S.  Christian music network will not be using at stations it recently purchased in the Southeastern United States. Equipment most needed by XFM will go to Lithuania, and TWR will put the other items to use broadcasting gospel…

Uruguay Church Partnership Is Breakthrough for TWR360
…makes First Evangelical Baptist Church of Uruguay (known by its Spanish acronym PIEBU) the first church outside the United States to become a partner on the TWR360 website. The partnership represents a breakthrough in TWR360’s continuing…

Turning Point and Dr. David Jeremiah Going Global with TWR
…world.” Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching program is broadcast on more than 3,000 radio and television stations in the United States and throughout the world, including Africa, Canada, the Far East, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, the United…

Sharing Peace With Victims of War
…with the pastor is featured on Footsteps, TWR’s two-minute radio spot carried on Christian radio stations across the United States. We invite you to take a few minutes now to listen to the pastor’s words on Soundcloud.  

TWR’s Project Hannah Announces New Global Ministry Director
…Care for Victims of 21st Century Sexual Exploitation.” She has spoken at national conferences for women in the United States and has conducted cross-cultural leadership training for women in countries such as India, Tanzania, Senegal and…

Moody Church Teams Up With TWR to Add Spanish
…to reach millions of new listeners who otherwise would not have been able to benefit from his solid teaching program.” The translated program also will be distributed to Spanish stations in the United States that request it, a TWR spokesman said.

TWR Boosts AM Broadcasting in Southern Africa
…came as the result of months of efforts on at least three continents: raising funds in multiple countries, including the United States; procuring and shipping the equipment from Germany; and the preparation work and installation in Swaziland. Libby…

With Castro's Passing, TWR's Commitment to Cuba Stays Strong
…by some for improving education and health care for low-income people and for standing up to powers such as the United States that he labeled imperialists, while he was reviled by others for persecuting political opponents and banning Christmas. TWR …

Bonaire Share-a-thon Shines in Debut
…from the studios of TWR’s transmitting center on Bonaire, was like similar events at Christian stations in the United States as “we invited listeners to come alongside and be part of this ministry financially,” said John Summerville, TWR…
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