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With Castro's Passing, TWR's Commitment to Cuba Stays Strong
…by some for improving education and health care for low-income people and for standing up to powers such as the United States that he labeled imperialists, while he was reviled by others for persecuting political opponents and banning Christmas. TWR …

Bonaire Share-a-thon Shines in Debut
…from the studios of TWR’s transmitting center on Bonaire, was like similar events at Christian stations in the United States as “we invited listeners to come alongside and be part of this ministry financially,” said John Summerville, TWR…
TWR Country of Focus: United States I am originally from El Salvador and have been listening to you since I was a child. My parents always listened to the program … around 1974. I was raised listening to these wonderful teachings. Because of the…

…programming available in even more languages to reach more people. Spread the word among churches here in the United States that TWR360 is a great witnessing tool to immigrant communities in their areas. Keep adding new features, new…
…parents raised her in a different faith. Ayaan (not her real name) married a man in Ethiopia and emigrated to the United States. The couple had two children but eventually divorced because her in-laws never accepted her. She became depressed and…
…radio, television, online programming, magazines, books, social media, and other resources. Each year Turning Point communicates the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to tens of millions of people both in the United States and internationally.

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Global Staff / Missionary

George and Kathy
…done secretarial work for the monitor coordination department. Kathy has also as mission hostess. Currently, George and Kathy have relocated to the United States where George serves with the Media Services Department as a Media Account Executive.
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