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Alcanzando a los Pigmeos en África
…misioneros. Además, muy poco evangelismo se ha hecho entre los pigmeos. Queremos que esto cambie. El programa Thru the Bible ya ha sido traducido a más de cien idiomas y ha sido probado en muchos lugares del mundo y especialmente en África como…

Real as the Air I Breathe
…idea how to begin to read it until I heard a program on the station called A Través de la Biblia [Thru the Bible]. … One day I tuned in to this program, and I remember that they were teaching on the book of the apostle John…

I Couldn’t Deny Jesus
TWR Country Focus: Egypt I bought a radio just to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible [TTB], after I moved back to Egypt from [a neighboring country]. Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual…

Shaping Young Lives
…to your programs over the Internet. My favorite programs are Children’s Bible Stories, Popcorn, Joyful Island, Thru the Bible, Insight for Living and Shepherd the Lambs. “I like your programs! They help me to know the Lord more and are very…

A Helper Amid the Trials
…the repeat of your Christian programs. The radio is with me in my kitchen. During the lessons of Vladimir Sorokin (Thru the Bible), I prepare breakfast for my son. In the winter I have to heat the oven first. When my son leaves, I have my prayer…

The Choice: Misery or Trust in God
…God to handle everything in my life or I wanted to continue handling it myself and being miserable and in strife. Thru the Bible has blessed me and helped to remind me of God's Word, and he is true! Sometimes a verse will jump out and…

Finding God Far from Civilization
…jungles. I picked up the signal of stations in the capital and heard that they were talking about the Apocalypse on Thru the Bible. … Every night, even though it was difficult, I tried to listen. And two nights later, I received Jesus Christ as my …

Christ’s Words Saved His Life
…question. Once a part of the Soviet Union, religious freedom was widely recognized after the fall of communism. The 30-minute Thru the Bible program is broadcast in the Armenian language twice a day weekdays on three different FM stations. * Some…

Shining the Light on Kabylia
…which includes foreigners, Arabs and Berbers, of which the Kabyle are a subgroup. TWR broadcasts programs such as Thru the Bible, Foundations of Family and Women of Hope weekly in the Kabyle language. * Based on information from Operation…

Going Digital to Learn Even More
José discovered Thru the Bible by listening to the broadcasts of TWR’s national partner in Peru. Today, digital innovations are making it possible for him to dig even deeper into the Word. Thank you for your courses and words of…
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