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Señor, protégelos mientras pintan las torres
Cada mañana 3 instaladores (Lionel, Luis y Junny) son subidos por una grúa a las torres de radio de 480 pies de altura de Radio Trans Mundial Bonaire para pintarlas. Sal y Oxido Radio Trans Mundial Bonaire está ubicada en un lugar estratégico...

New Era Begins for Gospel Radio in Japan
Jesus has been knocking at the door of Japan for centuries, but only in recent years has TWR’s ministry team seen clear signs of a new era of openness. Probably because of its long history as a mission field combined with its highly successful...

Campaign to Boost Bonaire Radio Signal Crosses Goal Line
CARY, N.C. (July 12, 2017) – It’s official: The three-year campaign to expand TWR’s gospel broadcasting to Latin America and the Caribbean has exceeded the $3.8 million goal. TWR CEO Lauren Libby announced the success of the Power Up campaign...

A Radio Companion for Senior Citizens
A retired teacher wrote from Latvia to offer her thoughts on the role of Christian broadcasting, especially a program aimed at seniors, in her daily life. Dear producers, I am so thankful that you have such a program as SilverAge in which you...

Studying by the Radio
Country Focus: Cuba In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of...

Encontrando el Consuelo en las Ondas de Radio
Oyentes de la programación de RTM escriben o llaman para hacer preguntas sobre la Biblia, compartir sus testimonios, y agradecernos por el ministerio - aun, a veces, a discutir el Evangelio mismo. Pero muy a menudo sólo necesitan a alguien con...

The Legacy of Gospel Radio
TWR Country Focus: Colombia Without a doubt, J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible is among the most loved of the manifold programs broadcast by TWR in more than 230 languages around the world. Many listeners complete one five-year cycle of the late Dr....

Radio Helped Keep Faith Alive
TWR Country Focus: Bulgaria The diverse programming produced by TWR and its many ministry and national partners speaks to listeners in various walks of life – from the questioning skeptic to the new believer to the church leader. For this listener...

Quest for the Missing Radio Programs
Country Focus: Kenya Thomas knew there was something really significant about those gospel programs on the radio, and he wasn’t going to quit searching until he found them again. Thomas (not his real name) had always enjoyed listening to Bible...

Listening to Gospel Radio is a Family Affair
TWR Country Focus: Brazil Hello, Trans World Radio. Grace and peace! I have been a listener since I was a child because my parents taught me to love this radio station. I would help my father answer the lessons in the Bible courses. … How many...
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