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Out Of The Sky Dropped A Radio
Two Tepehuan Indian men are traveling with their burro in northwestern Mexico.  The Sierra Madre mountains are in the background.  They are talking as they walk along in the heat of the hot sun when suddenly, they see a small parachute in...

One Million Radios
Of the "great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages" that John saw "standing before the throne and before the Lamb" (Revelation 7:9, ESV), I wonder how many of them first heard the Gospel...

Radio Campaign Update
TWR partnered with Moody Radio South Florida and Moody Radio Indiana to “Love Asia by Radio” for our Guam Transmitter Upgrade Project on Wednesday, November 10, and Thursday, November 11. Our two-day total for these campaigns is $125,902!...

Listening to Your Internet Radio
This letter comes from a listener in Denmark: I got an Internet radio receiver for my birthday, so I searched for “religion in Denmark” under the different genres. Only one result came up and that was your partner ministry, Norea Radio. I...

Radio Planting In Romania
Dave Jolly joined me for my last morning program on WMBW-Chattanooga, TN.  It was a very emotional day for me!  I had worked on the air at Moody Radio in Chattanooga for 24 years--the last 12 years hosting the morning program.  As I...

Transmisores de Noruega crean nuevas oportunidades en América Latina
Cuando Noruega comenzó el proceso de disolver la radio FM, los oyentes hicieron la transición a un nuevo estándar de transmisión digital de audio (DAB). Esta transición fue emocionante para la estación de radio cristiana P7, socia de Radio...

Radio Organic Live
Although many Chinese youth do not have computers, they do have cell phones with Internet capability. Approximately one third of China’s population can access the Internet on their phones. TWR Canada decided the best way to reach them was...

A Través de la Biblia y Radio Trans Mundial
A menudo, cuando Dios quiere realizar algo especial, escoge a una persona. Así sucedió con el ministerio de A Través de la Biblia. Dios escogió a John Vernon McGee para iniciarlo. En 1941 convencieron al Dr. J. Vernon McGee para que comenzara un...

Reaching Through the Ruins of War
How do you see persecution? According to Open Doors, 1 in 8 Christians worldwide experience persecution for their faith. That’s 1 in 8 of us whose faith can come at great cost — in some cases, even at the cost of life itself. This month, in...

An Old Radio
I praise the Lord for Val Evandjelja (TWR's National Partner in Croatia). I purchased an old radio for four dollars and I hear you very well. It brings me joy to listen to your programs. Thank you for the Bible you gave me for my sister. She is...
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