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TWR's first mission field was Spain. As "The Voice of Tangier," TWR used a 2,500 watt army surplus transmitter to broadcast from the northernmost tip of Morocco, across the Strait of Gibraltar, and into Spain. While technology, TWR's equipment, and...

Babbie Mason Radio Debuts on TWR360
Award-winning gospel singer Babbie Mason has brought her online radio hub showcasing Christian indie artists to TWR’s multilingual Web portal, TWR360. The two-time Dove Award winner, Grammy nominee, author and popular conference speaker created...

New Era Begins for Gospel Radio in Japan
Jesus has been knocking at the door of Japan for centuries, but only in recent years has TWR’s ministry team seen clear signs of a new era of openness. Probably because of its long history as a mission field combined with its highly successful...

Love Asia by Radio
Since 1977, God has blessed the Asia region with lasting fruit because of TWR's broadcasts from the island of Guam. Thirty-three years later, TWR-Guam is still utilizing the same four, 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters. This equipment has far...

Radio Organic Live
Although many Chinese youth do not have computers, they do have cell phones with Internet capability. Approximately one third of China’s population can access the Internet on their phones. TWR Canada decided the best way to reach them was...

Turkish Radio Program for Young Adults
Turkey has one of the lowest percentages of Christians worldwide. Historically, the country has been ruled by various religions, but currently, it is illegal to religiously influence citizens under the age of 18. Young adults between ages 18 and 35...

TWR-Africa: 'Goats for Radios'
TWR Africa’s Marketing and Communications Director, Brent Bartlett, recently sent out an email to several national partners informing them about available funds for the distribution of windup radios in their region. TWR Kenya’s National...

Q & A with Collin Lambert, VP of Moody Radio
On the TWR Guam transmitter dedication trip in November 2011, TWR's magazine and Web content editor Katie Burke had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with Collin Lambert, the vice president of broadcasting for Moody Radio. KB:...

Radios for the World
(No preview is available)
A retired teacher wrote from Latvia to offer her thoughts on the role of Christian broadcasting, especially a program aimed at seniors, in her daily life. Dear producers, I am so thankful that you have such a program as SilverAge in which you...
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