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Kenyans Need Our Prayers, TWR Africa Leader Says
…countries. TWR Kenya produces more than 23 programs for broadcast in nine languages. TWR broadcasts also reach Somalia, and Project Hannah, TWR’s women’s ministry, began within the past year broadcasting a Somali version of its flagship…

Update from the Philippines: As Disaster Areas Recover, Media Ministry Pitching In
…from “When Your Whole World Changes”; Member Care Media’s global disaster and relief programming; Project Hannah’s Women of Hope; and Dr. Kim of Operation Blessing. When staff members return to the area in a second trip…

I Have Faith - A Story of Hope (5/60)
…of one man? What if you become addicted to the drink?' I went home and slept until the next day. The ladies of a TWR Project Hannah prayer group prayed for me and told me about the love of Jesus. Then I accepted him, and by the grace of God I was…

At 60, Media Ministry’s Fruitful Past Heralds Exciting Future
…to much of Asia and far into China. TWR’s Radio Church Kits help nurture growing house churches in China. Forming Project Hannah, which offers compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio…

TWR Observes World Radio Day
…sampling of some of that outreach: Women of Hope – from domestic abuse to sex trafficking to skills training, Project Hannah’s flagship program raises awareness about the problems and needs of women worldwide and harnesses a massive…

Behind Bars But Free Through Forgiveness - A Story of Hope (7/60)
…for causing you to be in prison – especially if the sentence was unjust? A woman inmate who wrote to the TWR Project Hannah staff in Paraguay, next door to her home country of Bolivia, suggests that sometimes such a course of action may be…

Giving Back After Receiving Blessings - A Story of Hope (8/60)
… in Ecuador and listens to the Quichua language version of Women of Hope. He got in touch to share his testimony with Project Hannah, which, in addition to the radio broadcast, sponsors a movement that brings together volunteers to pray for women in …

Letting Go of Bitterness Despite Being Violated - A Story of Hope (12/60)
…_________________________ Language: SpanishCountry: Cuba  "I give thanks to God for your lives and for the Project Hannah program Women of Hope, which each day is offered over TWR. I am not always able to listen, but when I do I am…

Because Women Prayed For Angola
…to some members of the parliment in Angola, peace came in part because over 5000 women were praying. Click here for a link to Project Hannah and the Prayer Calendar (Photo of Marli Spieker, Founder and Global Ministry Director of Project Hannah)

Church Unity In Turkey
Do churches really split over a new color of carpet?  Evidently.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard the true story of a church remodeling project.  Members of the church couldn't agree on the color of paint and the type of carpet, so the...
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