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A New Mural for a New Era
…of the transmitter. With the upgraded transmitter, we will be able to reach a hundred million people living in Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and North and Central Brazil. This is such a milestone that we want to celebrate. The new mural is already a…

Campaign to Boost Bonaire Radio Signal Crosses Goal Line
…appeal about the same time, pushed Power Up over the goal line. The upgrade will boost TWR’s signal to cover all of Cuba and more of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Central America, making the Christian facility on the island of Bonaire the most…

Using Tech Know-How to Spread the Gospel
…across Latin America and the Caribbean. “The new signal will provide a city-grade signal in to places like Havana, Cuba, which means the signal will be as strong as a local FM station,” said King, who holds degrees in electrical engineering…

Real as the Air I Breathe
…sits the island of Bonaire, where TWR maintains an AM transmitter that is being upgraded to send out even stronger broadcast signals to Cuba, Yucatán and the South American continent. * With information from Operation World, 7th edition

Riding the "Bible Bus"
TWR country Focus: Cuba A woman named Maria wrote from Cuba to tell about the role played in her life by Thru the Bible, the program on which J. Vernon McGee guides listeners aboard a “Bible bus” on a five-year tour of Scripture…

Little Peter the Octopus Spanish Children's Program and Rallies
…with biblical and ethical applications woven in. Little Peter the Octopus is being heard not only in Venezuela, but in Cuba and all across the Caribbean over TWR-Bonaire, as well as Uruguay, Argentina and over 250 local Spanish radio stations…

Truth in the Test Tube - Spanish
Jesus said gospel seed doesn’t grow well in thorny ground. Ever since the 1959 revolution, every student in Cuba has been taught, “There is no God, and science proves it.” Media has reinforced and amplified that line. TWR’s Spanish department…

Shine Across Latin America
…are searching for spiritual nourishment in Latin America. Whether it’s the shallow spread of the prosperity gospel in Cuba or the economic chaos in Venezuela that has left its people literally starving, Latin America needs gospel transformation as …

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
(No preview is available)

Speaking Hope to Latin America
…joined us over the years in carrying more than 25 Spanish programs like Women of Hope and Messages of Faith and Hope for Cuba, as well as children's programs that invite the little ones to trust in Jesus. Through TWR broadcasting in Latin America…
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