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…- 30 min El Faro de RedenciĆ³n esta comprometido a hacer resplandecer la luz de Cristo desde toda la Biblia para toda Cuba y para todo el mundo, para evangelizar a los perdidos, edificar a los creyentes, y tanto equipar como alentar a pastores en…

Celebration Bonaire
…site Breakfast will be individually purchased Signup details will be included in the email 5:30 PM - Live broadcast to Cuba and Venezuela from the TWR studio on 800 AM Thursday - February 1 8:30 AM - Golf at Golf Club Piedra So Bonaire Sign up…

Lauren Live
…a variety of vital ministry initiatives. Here are some specific subjects you can expect: Reaching out to countries like Cuba and Venezuela from the strongest station in the Western Hemisphere Plans for boosting gospel broadcasts to populous Nigeria, …

Speaking Hope to Latin America
…air from the island of Bonaire beaming the gospel with our high power AM station to the millions of people who live in Cuba, the surrounding Caribbean islands, Venzuela and the jungles of Brazil. TWR's programs are also heard on more than 500 local…

Spanish Devotional Distributed Throughout Latin America
…The spiritual ruminations are written by various ministry leaders and mature Christians from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and elsewhere. "The unique thing about Alimento para el Alma is that …

TWR Airs Truth in the Test Tube
…I’m a complete believer.  You have rescued a dead soul!” Powerful AM stations are beaming 208 episodes to Cuba and elsewhere throughout Latin America, as well as worldwide on the Web. Please pray that God will use it powerfully to…

Letting Go of Bitterness Despite Being Violated - A Story of Hope (12/60)
… one response online each week in celebration of our 60th anniversary. _________________________ Language: SpanishCountry: Cuba  "I give thanks to God for your lives and for the Project Hannah program Women of Hope, which each day is offered…

Witness on the Job – A Story of Hope (22 of 60)
… one response online each week in celebration of our 60th anniversary. _________________________ Language: SpanishCountry: Cuba Faithful listeners of TWR often become outspoken promoters of the Christian broadcasts. One Cuban radio repairman even…

Bonaire: 50 Years of Speaking Hope to Latin America
…followed by an insider update by TWR President Lauren Libby on the international media ministry’s outreach to Cuba and the rest of Latin America. A celebratory worship service took place Sunday afternoon, and an open house on Monday provided…

Luis Is My Hero
… look up to a parent or family member and refer to them as heroes.  But, for Alberto Gonzalez, TWR's Ministry Director for Cuba, his hero is Luis, a 67-year-old blind man who has planted 18 churches. Click here to learn about TWR's outreach from…
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