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Llegando a Cuba sin obstaculos
“No podemos mandar contenedores con comida a Cuba por las reglas gubernamentales, pero podemos mandar la palabra de Dios”. Este mes de Mayo 2018 en Shine 800 AM Bonaire, comienza a transmitirse el programa La Palabra de Hoy para Ti (en inglés,...

Listening to Gospel Radio is a Family Affair
TWR Country Focus: Brazil Hello, Trans World Radio. Grace and peace! I have been a listener since I was a child because my parents taught me to love this radio station. I would help my father answer the lessons in the Bible courses. … How many...

Forbidden Words Over the Air Bring Salvation
By Richard Greene As college classmates in northeastern Africa, Beza* and Naomi* spent a lot of time together studying and enjoying each other’s company. Their abiding friendship helped save Beza’s life – physically and spiritually. Beza...

Vidas transformadas en Albania y en India
Concedida por el gobierno en 1998, la libertad religiosa en el país de Albania es todavía un concepto relativamente nuevo. Hoy en día, en algunas áreas, las iglesias cristianas existen entre las muchas mezquitas musulmanas. Pero muchas todavía...

¡México necesita más programas como este!
“Despertando en la Ciudad de México con la Palabra de Dios” CIUDAD DE MÉXICO - Comenzó el 1 de abril, con una audiencia potencial de 25 millones de oyentes en la Ciudad de México y alrededores se puede sintonizar un programa de enseñanza de...

RTM Bolivia Grows Nationwide Audience Thanks to New Satellite System
“We are bringing our programs to places that we were only dreaming of before!” said Favio Soliz, operations manager of RTM* Bolivia. TWR’s national partner in Bolivia recently installed a satellite system with the help of another of the global...

Breaking Through Despair to Deliver Hope
By Richard Greene Though surrounded by her four children, Chantou* sat discouraged in her Cambodia village, feeling alone. Her husband had abandoned her and their family, and she couldn’t shake the spirit of despair hovering over her. “At...

Creyentes mexicanos exiliados mantienen vivo el legado del Evangelio
¿Cómo usted ve la persecución? Según el ministerio Puertas Abiertas, 1 de cada 8 cristianos en todo el mundo experimenta persecución por su fe. Eso es 1 de cada 8 de nosotros cuya fe puede tener un gran costo, en algunos casos, incluso a costa...

Bonaire: 50 Years of Speaking Hope to Latin America
Bonaire was a magnet during the past weekend, drawing TWR leaders, alumni staff members and ministry supporters to the little Caribbean island for a special celebration. From Aug. 9 to Aug. 11, 2014, the invading off-islanders joined with local...

Precious in His Sight: A Story of Hope (42/60)
Listeners are at the heart of everything we do, and we simply can’t get enough of their feedback – who they are, what kind of impact TWR programming is having on them, how God is working in their lives. For 2014 we have assembled 60...
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