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Church Unity In Turkey
Do churches really split over a new color of carpet?  Evidently.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard the true story of a church remodeling project.  Members of the church couldn't agree on the color of paint and the type of carpet, so the...

Prayer Is The Work
…Chambers once said, "Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work."  Marli Spieker of TWR's Project Hannah puts it this way, "Prayer is the work.  Ministry is reaping the results."  That's why prayer is the…

The Bonaire Prayer
"Lauren, would you lead us in prayer for this project?"  Lauren Libby, TWR's President was being asked to pray for the Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project.  Being on the island of Bonaire, and in a room filled with TWR's national...

Students Lend a Hand to International Ministry
…through his lens of perspective.” Morgan Jackson, a rising senior at Illinois State University interning with Project Hannah in Cary, also chimes in: “God has been teaching me that this can’t just be a job. … Yes, things…

Q & A with Elisa Salvioli of TWR-Brazil
…because I don’t have background in radio, but God provided me with the job. How are you involved with TWR and Project Hannah?I help out with the seven different ministries we have. For example, there's a Bible course program, and another…

A Constant Companion
… Mensajaro’s (a local Christian radio station) Low German programs. It was then that she discovered TWR’s Project Hannah’s Women of Hope (Frues met Hopning) program. She started listening daily. “I find the programs very…

"When Hope Wins" Book Signing Event
…Marli Spieker, “When Hope Wins” proclaims the Lord’s transforming work through TWR’s Project Hannah to suffering women worldwide. It is an encouraging reminder of His power to overcome the pain of abuse, the injustice of…

Interview with TWR-Paraguay’s Nahemy Fehr
…We have a program in Spanish for young people and one program in German. How did you become familiar with TWR and Project Hannah?I didn’t know about TWR at all. I was working in a school as a receptionist. My employee contract was ending, and…

Guam Transmitter Update
By now you're probably familiar with our Love Asia by Radio project, but you may have some questions. You've come to the right place, because we've got answers! How old are the “new” transmitters? The two newly refurbished 250,000-watt...

Reflections on Lausanne Congress
… The Lausanne Movement, which is uniquely placed to reaffirm the primary truths of biblical Christianity. TWR’s Project Hannah Founder and Global Ministry Director Marli Spieker is one of thousands participating in the Third Lausanne Congress…
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