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They Fired Their Pastor
… to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed" (Galatians 1:9, ESV).  When a house church in Cuba discovered that their newly hired pastor was preaching messages that didn't line up with the Bible, what did they…

Churches Give ‘Hands-On’ Support for Missions Media
…to help with the massive Power Up project, which will greatly boost the strength of TWR’s broadcasts to countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.  “Those of you who have never served overseas or anywhere in a short-term missions…

Real as the Air I Breathe - Listener Story
…sits the island of Bonaire, where TWR maintains an AM transmitter that is being upgraded to send out even stronger broadcast signals to Cuba, Yucatán and the South American continent. * With information from Operation World, 7th edition

Pedal Powered Radio
…to make a difference.  When Scripture is read or heard, it will make an impact.  Just ask Mayalin Gonzalez of Cuba.  In today's Footsteps, she gives an example of the eternal effect of listening to God's Word.  May Mayalin's…

Bonaire Certificate Spotlights True Objective
…purpose undeniably concrete. This recent photograph from Bonaire is a perfect example. The explanation begins with a Cuban couple who listened to a broadcast from the TWR transmitter station on Bonaire one night and got down on their knees to accept …

Truth Network, TWR Team Up for Winning Cause
…was the sport of choice when the Truth Network and TWR closed the deal on a six-week radio campaign. Dubbed “Cover Cuba With the Gospel,” the campaign will run from Oct. 12 to Nov. 22 and is aimed at raising support for the ongoing…

Moody Church Teams Up With TWR to Add Spanish
…which runs five days a week, will be broadcast from the TWR transmitter on the island of Bonaire to countries such as Cuba and Venezuela and will be distributed to local stations across Latin America. TWR broadcasts Running to Win in English to at…

Oración por Bonaire
…a su fuente principal de enseñanza acerca de Jesús, y ... no escucha nada.  Solo estático. Para la gente en Cuba, Venezuela y otros países de Latinoamérica, esto ha sido la realidad frustrante desde 1999 cuando la señal desde Bonaire fue…

TWR Braces, Prays in the Face of Matthew's Rampage
…on prayer for this region of such active ministry.   The representative of TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) in Cuba, which is directly in the forecast track of the immensely powerful storm, called on his colleagues across the globe to remember …

Alumnos visitan RTM Bonaire
…iños aprendieron cómo las torres transmiten los programas de radio y cómo, a través de las ondas de radio, personas en Cuba, Venezuela y Brasil pueden escuchar. Después de la presentación, los niños entraron en el estudio donde Brad Swanson…
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