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Gospel Broadcasts Offer Message of Hope and Peace to Listeners in North Korea
…a message of peace and hope connects North Korea and Guam. Tensions entangling the Korean peninsula and the United States have spilled over to the tiny island of Guam, home to international media ministry TWR’s 100,000-watt transmitter site…

Media Take a Look at TWR from the Inside on Road Trip to TWR 2013
…TWR primarily focuses on reaching out to the rest of the world and historically has done much less direct ministry in the United States, the Road Trip also allows the organization to get out its story to a different population.   …

Thru the Bible Celebrates 40 Years of Broadcasting in Spanish
…back when their grandparents listened. “The program meant so much to them, and when they came over to the United States and heard this program and experienced the nostalgia … These were immigrants struggling to adapt. This ‘firm…

TWR and Star 99.1 Team Up to Empower Chinese Churches and Leaders
…to Star 99 for giving us the time on the air and for having the forward vision to move beyond themselves and the United States to embrace missions,” said TWR President Lauren Libby. “The listeners really responded well to the idea…

Family Follows Atheist on Journey to Faith
…three of Giri’s brothers and his sister became Christians, too. Eighteen years ago Dr. Chin emigrated to the United States, and today they live in central North Carolina, where he operates three neurology clinics and Mala homeschools their …

PANI Transmitter Now On the Air!
…with 500,000 watts of power – 10 times the wattage of the most powerful AM transmitters permitted in the United States. For more information about the PANI project, and to find out how you can join in this exciting ministry, click …

Addition of Five Languages Boosts TWR360 Total to 12
When TWR360 recently added Portuguese, Swahili and Afrikaans, it meant the online portal for Christian media resources had doubled its language complement in less than a year of operation. Only a few days later, two more joined the list – Telugu...

TWR Europe Director Provides Insighton Ministry in Ukraine
…involving Ukraine and Russia was very much on the mind of TWR Europe’s international director, who was in the United States over the weekend. Felix Widmer was participating in a special gathering at TWR’s Cary, North Carolina, office and …

TWR360 Helps Build Community Online
…crises often place high on the ranking of total visits. Ukraine, for example, embroiled in a political confrontation with Russia, had the third-most visits last month, with the United States, China, India and Egypt rounding out the top five.  

Syncretism In Africa...What's That?
…with African tradition."  While Bill is primarily talking about Africa, I believe this topic applies to the United States as well.  Think about some of the ways that we blend American or western secular ideas with a Biblical…
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