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A Benefit Of The Job
…to mind, but often, there are some intangible benefits.  For instance, Storly Michel is the translator for "Thru The Bible" in the language of Creole.  Along with his work at Radio 4VEH in Haiti, Storly is a pastor.  He says…

Visit Gives Blessing to Both Listener and Ministry: A Story of Hope (58/60)
…visit. Mr. Mwai had come to the office to pick up his highly anticipated copy of the audio CD version of TTB NENO (Thru the Bible in Swahili). The jovial Mr. Mwai shared his life stor and his longtime connection with TWR broadcasting. At the age of…

Real as the Air I Breathe - Listener Story
…I had no idea how to begin to read it until I heard a program on the station called A Través de la Biblia [Thru the Bible]. … One day I tuned in to this program, and I remember that they were teaching on the book of the apostle John…

That Local Flavor
… One of the things which makes barbecue so special is that local flavor. Gregg Harris, the International Director for Thru The Bible, says "that local flavor" is one of the reasons why TTB is so effective in over 100 languages around the world. What …

For National Radio Day, TWR Highlights Outreach in U.S.
…produced in Latin America, such as Alimento para el Alma and Tierra Firme, along with translated programs, such as Thru the Bible and Women of Hope, are well-established on many U.S. stations. But two recent additions are unique in that they are…

Uruguay Church Partnership Is Breakthrough for TWR360
…congregation and has brought new people into the church. Pastor Larrosa, who also is host of the Spanish version of Thru the Bible and serves as TWR’s international director of Hispanic ministries, said the church’s goal is to help lay a solid …

Damos Gracias al Señor
…que agradecer a Dios, nos encontramos viviendo las palabras de Colosenses 2:7 “Abundando en acciones de gracias”. (Adaptado del artículo Agradecimiento por Greg Harris, Director Internacional y CEO del ministerio Thru the Bible.)

Orígenes del programa
…tilde;anza al "mundo entero".  Esa decisión puso en marcha el crecimiento del alcance global de Thru the Bible.  Como resultado, hoy en día, millones de vidas han sido tocadas en más de 100 idiomas y…

Encountering People ‘Like Me’ in a Scary Prison
…dancing and singing. Before their confinement, many of those on hand for the service had listened to broadcasts of Thru the Bible in the Kiswahili language, and therefore excitedly welcomed program producer Geoffrey Munialo, who was the featured…

Llamar para Escuchar
…para escuchar.” Los oyentes en cualquier lugar de los Estados Unidos ahora pueden escuchar A Traves de La Biblia (Thru the Bible) y Alimento para el Alma, con una simple llamada telefónica. Para escuchar A Traves de la Biblia llame al…
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