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TWR Country Focus: USA A coordinator with Project Hannah, TWR’s global women’s ministry, passed along the moving story of Ayaan, who was born to Somali Christian parents living in Ethiopia but adopted by another Somali family. The adoptive…

World for Inmates - Follow-up Project for Polish Prison Inmates
Prisoners often spend years in a tiny, dingy cell, where they are exposed to various diseases and rejected by society, family, and friends. In Poland, prisoners are hearing the Word of God and finding acceptance via radio programming. Impuls Polska...

TWR Women of Hope Ilocano (Philippines)
Raniag ti Namnama is the Ilocano-language counterpart of Women of Hope, TWR's successful radio program designed specifically for women. The title points to the wholistic nature of this program, dealing with women's physical, mental, and spiritual...

TWR Women of Hope Nivacle (Paraguay)
The indigenous Nivacle people are spread out across the Paraguayan Chaco area and parts of Argentina. Many Nivacle women are nonliterate, and for them, life is very difficult. Opportunities to hear the gospel are limited, though audio versions of the...

TWR Women of Hope Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish-speaking women in the Americas face many physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Divorce, illness, abortion and sexual crimes surround them. Domestic violence is on the rise, and women suffer through it in silence. To improve their...

TWR Women of Hope Thai (Thailand)
In Thailand, millions of women feel unimportant and worthless, powerless to change their lives for the better. They are taught to be quiet, courteous and obedient. Outwardly they smile and appear content, but few Thai women live with caring support....

TWR Women of Hope Vietnamese
TWR Women of Hope produces a weekly, 30-minute radio broadcast for suffering women in Vietnam. The Women of Hope program provides practical teaching not otherwise available to these rural listeners, ranging from treatment for childhood fevers to...

TWR Women of Hope Romanian (Romania)
"Women who are hurt, abused, and without hope live in Romania, and they need to know there is someone who cares for them," says Cami, producer of the Romanian radio program Hope for Her. "Perhaps they have never heard how much value they have in...

TWR Women of Hope Hindi (India)
Women in India face a disheartening struggle from the moment they are born. Many are aborted or abandoned as infants, so much so that village after village no longer have girl children in them. Valued only for the amount of money a future husband...

TWR Women of Hope Mandarin (China)
Women in China face great challenges, many of which are brought about by the traditional view that women are less valuable than men. In urban areas, women have more difficulty trying to find employment*, and women with doctorate degrees are seen as...
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