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Celebration Bonaire
…site Breakfast will be individually purchased Signup details will be included in the email 5:30 PM - Live broadcast to Cuba and Venezuela from the TWR studio on 800 AM Thursday - February 1 8:30 AM - Golf at Golf Club Piedra So Bonaire Sign up…

Using Tech Know-How to Spread the Gospel
…across Latin America and the Caribbean. “The new signal will provide a city-grade signal in to places like Havana, Cuba, which means the signal will be as strong as a local FM station,” said King, who holds degrees in electrical engineering…

Campaign to Boost Bonaire Radio Signal Crosses Goal Line
…appeal about the same time, pushed Power Up over the goal line. The upgrade will boost TWR’s signal to cover all of Cuba and more of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Central America, making the Christian facility on the island of Bonaire the most…

A New Mural for a New Era
…reach of the transmitter.  With the upgraded transmitter, we will be able to reach a hundred million people living in Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and North and Central Brazil.  This is such a milestone that we want to celebrate.  The new mural is…

Speaking Hope to Latin America
…air from the island of Bonaire beaming the gospel with our high power AM station to the millions of people who live in Cuba, the surrounding Caribbean islands, Venzuela and the jungles of Brazil. TWR's programs are also heard on more than 500 local…

TWR Reaches the Chewa in Africa
…and will respond to it accordingly. The need out there is massive. Currently TWR-Mozambique is focusing its FM strategy on Mocuba and Maputo, but the good news is that Chichewa programs can be heard over shortwave in Tete in the morning and evening…

Luis Is My Hero
… look up to a parent or family member and refer to them as heroes.  But, for Alberto Gonzalez, TWR's Ministry Director for Cuba, his hero is Luis, a 67-year-old blind man who has planted 18 churches. Click here to learn about TWR's outreach from…

They Fired Their Pastor
… to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed" (Galatians 1:9, ESV).  When a house church in Cuba discovered that their newly hired pastor was preaching messages that didn't line up with the Bible, what did they…

Churches Give ‘Hands-On’ Support for Missions Media
…to help with the massive Power Up project, which will greatly boost the strength of TWR’s broadcasts to countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.  “Those of you who have never served overseas or anywhere in a short-term missions…

Real as the Air I Breathe - Listener Story
…sits the island of Bonaire, where TWR maintains an AM transmitter that is being upgraded to send out even stronger broadcast signals to Cuba, Yucatán and the South American continent. * With information from Operation World, 7th edition
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