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TWR Braces, Prays in the Face of Matthew's Rampage
… focused on prayer for this region of such active ministry. The representative of TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) in Cuba, which is directly in the forecast track of the immensely powerful storm, called on his colleagues across the globe to…

Alumnos visitan RTM Bonaire
…iños aprendieron cómo las torres transmiten los programas de radio y cómo, a través de las ondas de radio, personas en Cuba, Venezuela y Brasil pueden escuchar. Después de la presentación, los niños entraron en el estudio donde Brad Swanson…

¡Alcanzamos la meta!
… 2018.” Este aumento de potencia ensanchará el alcance de TWR (Radio Trans Mundial) para que llegue a la isla entera de Cuba, y cubra más territorio en Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela y América Central, haciendo de esta emisora en la isla de…

Bonaire Share-a-thon Shines in Debut
…and made donations. Responses to the share-a-thon came from 11 countries, with donations coming from 10 of those. A couple in Cuba called all three nights to say they listen faithfully to TWR programming and to offer their blessings on the ministry…

Blog de Mariette
…(Lea otro artículo sobre RTM Argentina en el sitio web Pulso Cristiano.) Termino con algo que dijo David González de Cuba: “Escuchando el hermano de Venezuela me conmovió mucho. Hemos estado allí en esa crisis. Esta semana se ha sentido como …

Seeing the ‘Face’ in Every Country
…from Venezuela touched me a lot,” said David Gonzalez, who works alongside his father, Alberto, TWR’s representative in Cuba. “We [in Cuba] have been there. For us, we feel like we are on the way back from that place and they are in their way…

A New Mural for a New Era
…of the transmitter. With the upgraded transmitter, we will be able to reach a hundred million people living in Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and North and Central Brazil. This is such a milestone that we want to celebrate. The new mural is already a…

Campaign to Boost Bonaire Radio Signal Crosses Goal Line
…appeal about the same time, pushed Power Up over the goal line. The upgrade will boost TWR’s signal to cover all of Cuba and more of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Central America, making the Christian facility on the island of Bonaire the most…

Using Tech Know-How to Spread the Gospel
…across Latin America and the Caribbean. “The new signal will provide a city-grade signal in to places like Havana, Cuba, which means the signal will be as strong as a local FM station,” said King, who holds degrees in electrical engineering…

Transmitter Training Nautel
…800 AM, will have doubled from 50 million potential listeners to 100 million potential listeners. Many hard-to-reach areas like Cuba, the Amazon and rural areas in Colombia will now receive the gospel with a strong signal and a clear message!
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