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Listening to Your Internet Radio
This letter comes from a listener in Denmark: I got an Internet radio receiver for my birthday, so I searched for “religion in Denmark” under the different genres. Only one result came up and that was your partner ministry, Norea Radio. I...

Radio Program Opens Door to Sharing Gospel with Muslims
The gulf between Christian and Islamic cultures usually seems far too wide to be bridged. As a result, few Bible-based radio programs are focused on addressing the unique interests and needs of Muslim seekers. But a program produced by TWR Africa...

Arabic ministry director joins Moody Radio's Chris Fabry to discuss the situation in Syria
TWR’s Arabic ministry director was featured this week on Moody Radio’s “Chris Fabry Live,” to provide an inside perspective of the situation in Syria. The ministry director, whose identity remained undisclosed for...

TWR Observes World Radio Day
On World Radio Day 2014, TWR is pleased to join UNESCO and broadcasters everywhere in recognizing the vital role this medium plays in people’s lives. UNESCO established World Radio Day in 2011 in an effort to “raise awareness about the...

Radio Planting In Romania
Dave Jolly joined me for my last morning program on WMBW-Chattanooga, TN.  It was a very emotional day for me!  I had worked on the air at Moody Radio in Chattanooga for 24 years--the last 12 years hosting the morning program.  As I...

Bott Radio Teams with TWR to Reach Cuba for Christ
TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) has joined forces with Kansas-based Bott Radio Network to help cover the spiritually needy country of Cuba with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A four-week on-air fundraising campaign to raise $25,000 has begun and...

Bott Radio Drive Raises $40,000 for TWR Outreach to Cuba
A broadcast partnership aimed at raising $25,000 to help cover Cuba with the gospel crossed the goal line and kept on sprinting. The final total exceeded $40,000 as Bott Radio Network teamed with TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) in July to...

Radio Sendas
God uses Christian radio in many ways.  Obviously, God uses the teaching and music that travels through the airwaves, but He also uses Christian radio to motivate listeners to participate in Kingdom work.  That's why I love LOCAL Christian...

Like The Golden Age Of Radio
Have you ever listened to some of the great shows from the golden age of radio?  For instance..."The Shadow," "Fibber McGee and Molly," or "The Jack Benny Program?"  Or, in Christian radio, have you ever heard Moody's "Stories of Great...

Roadside Encounter Set Him on Right Path: A Story of Hope (59/60)
… you at different times depending on the state I was in. I live in Norwalk, California, and I listen to you on 1390, Radio Nueva Vida. I have not been working for a year because of an accident on the job site, but God is good.   I have wanted…
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