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The God Who Heals the Broken-hearted
Irena is 32 and a mother of four children. She came to the Lord five years ago at a Project Hannah-Albania women’s conference. She is a faithful intercessor and listener of Women of Hope, and her love and passion for Jesus gives her strength…

Prison Ministry in Paraguay
Every Monday night, a group of Project Hannah volunteers, led by Dorette Wolff, visit the “House of the Good Shepherd” women’s prison in Paraguay. They coordinate several different activities, such as a Bible study, personal…

Station Director
Scope: Oversees all aspects of the operation of TWR’s broadcast installation on Bonaire. Assistant Station Director supports this role and fills it when the Station Director is not on Bonaire. Accountabilities and Reports: Reports to the...

Colombia Studio Project
The time is right for TWR to fortify our ministry in the South American country of Colombia for three reasons, and prayer is vitally needed for the process. First, TWR's January 2018 increase in broadcast power from Bonaire means the signal to...

Silk Road Transmitter Project
In January 2017, we were forced to reduce some of our program airings into Central Asia due to a 150,000-watt AM transmitter being taken out of service. Broadcasting was reduced from three hours to two hours per day. Now God is leading TWR to install...

Guam Generator Project
Since the 1970s, TWR has been broadcasting across Asia from our shortwave station, KTWR, on the island of Guam. More than 10 hours of programming are aired daily in 18 languages that reach into 22 countries, among them Afghanistan, India, China,...

Languages Added for Women of Hope
…the radio program, which features practical and spiritual advice, goes on the air in Turkish and Farsi. Produced by Project Hannah, the 30-minute weekly program is reaching the round number of 60 as it begins broadcasting in Istanbul and Ankara…

TWR and American Bible Society Connect to Produce Audio Trauma Healing Project in Africa
Photo 1: Members of the Trauma Healing production team gather in Kenya to commemorate their joint endeavor during July 2014.  Photo 2: Team members discuss drama segments to be used in the programs. Photo 3:...

TWR Women of Hope Roma
As in the other Eastern European countries, the Roma in Albania were big losers in the economic and political changes of 1989-1990. While being fully employed during communism, their participation in the mainstream economy diminished to nearly total...

TWR Women of Hope Nepali (Nepal)
Although approximately half of Nepal’s population is female, Nepali women do not enjoy equality with men. Violence against women is common. Many are trafficked and forced into prostitution or bonded servitude. Others endure various forms of abuse,...
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