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From Seminary To Labor Camp
I've heard Alberto Gonzalez described as "The Billy Graham of Cuba."  I've also heard that in Christian circles in Cuba, Alberto is viewed somewhat like a "rock star."  Why?  Partly because Alberto is the host of the only Christian…

I Am Really Free
I've recorded multiple interviews with Alberto Gonzalez, TWR's Ministry Director for Cuba, but I will never forget interviewing Alberto in the TWR-Bonaire studios.  When I asked him if persecuted Christians, like those in Cuba, can more deeply…

Cubans Hungry For God
…the United States, we have millions of people who are so stuffed on apple pie that they have no appetite for God.  But, in Cuba, where the the people have been controlled by a communist government, and where they have lived without many of the…

Do Not Say God Bless You
In today's Footsteps, Alberto Gonzalez, TWR's Ministry Director for Cuba remembers a time in his country when some Cubans didn't want to hear anyone tell them, "God bless you." Should we really be surprised? In Romans 9:33, Jesus is referred to as a …

Reporte de progreso - Bonaire
…de nuestra emisora en Bonaire. Estamos agradecidos por su colaboración en llevar el evangelio a toda la nación de Cuba y a muchas más personas en toda Latinoamérica. En este Informe del Impacto del Ministerio, nos gustaría compartir las…

Venezuelans Eager for Stronger TWR Radio Signal
Cuba’s need for gospel broadcasting has claimed the spotlight in TWR’s drive to amplify its radio signal, but that shouldn’t overshadow Venezuelans’ keen hunger to receive the programs again. Bonaire, the Caribbean island from which the…

Trauma Counseling to Be Aired in Wake of Matthew
Extending westward from under the turbulent clouds of Hurricane Matthew is Cuba, a short distance from the southern tip of Florida, visible at the top of this image. As Cubans dig out after Hurricane Matthew’s destructive fury, TWR will be on the…
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Sembrando semillas hasta que el Señor regrese
…– Bonaire. Uno de ellos fue Alberto González, quien escuchaba mientras estaba encarcelado en un campo de trabajo en Cuba. Otro era un peruano que conoció al Señor como un niño mientras escuchaba junto con su familia en el interior del Perú…

Ministry Extends Books’ Reach via Radio
…are better than one when it comes to sharing the gospel with as many people as possible across the island nation of Cuba. That’s pretty much how Phil James, director of global development for The Word For You Today, explains why the…
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