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Warming Russian Hearts
…these days.  For instance, on today's Footsteps, TWR's Beate Kiebel tells of a Russian man who has immigrated the United States.  While is is unable to listen to TWR's radio broadcast in Russian, he does have access to TWR360 where he can listen…
…to us and we trust Him to resource it. Our annual global need is $1.65 million dollars and our budget goal for the United States is $375,000. Your gift today will help: Provide Biblical messages in over 70 languages through radio and digital…
TWR Country of Focus: United States I am originally from El Salvador and have been listening to you since I was a child. My parents always listened to the program … around 1974. I was raised listening to these wonderful teachings. Because of the…
…parents raised her in a different faith. Ayaan (not her real name) married a man in Ethiopia and emigrated to the United States. The couple had two children but eventually divorced because her in-laws never accepted her. She became depressed and…
…radio, television, online programming, magazines, books, social media, and other resources. Each year Turning Point communicates the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to tens of millions of people both in the United States and internationally.

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Global Staff / Missionary

George and Kathy
…done secretarial work for the monitor coordination department. Kathy has also as mission hostess. Currently, George and Kathy have relocated to the United States where George serves with the Media Services Department as a Media Account Executive.
Global Staff / Missionary

Mike and Eli
…operations for TWR Asia. His main responsibility is to oversee technical aspects of TWR's ministry to Asia. He also helps with transmitter operation and maintenance at KTWR. The Sabins have two grown children who live in the United States.  
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