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…one day I was listening to Radio Nueva Vida here in California and heard the program A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish). It gave me such joy and pleasure. Even more surprising was when I was working for Los Angeles County in a…
Country Focus: Romania Finding a partnership that is more tightly knit and productive than the one bonding TWR with Thru the Bible would be difficult – if not impossible. The two media ministries have been cooperating more than four decades…
…I write from Venezuela to thank you for the work you all carry out so that we can listen online to the program Thru the Bible. In this way I can keep up with the lessons when I have free time to do so. Many times I managed to hear the radio, but I…

50 años de la fidelidad de Dios
… por lo que Dios ha hecho. Considerémoslos. . . En 1967, nunca hubiéramos imaginado ... … Que el estudio bíblico Thru the Bible sería traducido primero al español, y luego a más de 100 idiomas y dialectos. ... Que Dios llevaría Su Palabra a …

Seeing the ‘Face’ in Every Country
…you?’ I walked with him to another room, and he turned on the radio and started to listen to [TWR’s broadcast of] Thru the Bible! He took his notebook and made many notes. He said, ‘This is my homework. I cannot go to seminary, but this how I…

Table 71 Leaders Coalesce at TWR to Discuss Reaching the Nations Together
…Foundation, SBC International Mission Board, SIL International, The Seed Company, Transform World, TWR, Walk Thru the Bible, Wycliffe Bible Translators and Youth with a Mission. Table 71 was established when a group of ministry leaders came together …

Blog de Mariette
…los miembros del ministerio allá sugirieron al Dr. J. Vernon McGee que sería una buena idea  traducir los programas de Thru the Bible (TTB) al español. En 1973, la primera transmisión en español, A Través de la Biblia, fue transmitida desde…

Reaching Bolivian Mennonites
…they isolate themselves from the outside world, through radio, TWR is able to reach them with the gospel. In May, Thru the Bible (TTB), broadcast via TWR partner ministry RTM-Bolivia, was fully translated into Low German. TTB is a radio program…

From Listening to Preaching
…listener, Abhijit, accepted Christ and was inspired to do God’s work after listening to the program, Preme Dhara (Thru the Bible) in his native language. Abhijit started introducing the radio programs to neighboring villages and preaching the…

Pray for Peace in Côte d’Ivoire
…Righteousness (Songhai and Tamasheq), Frequence Vie (French), The Word Today (Baoule, African French and Fulfulde) and Thru the Bible (Bambara, African French and Pular). For further reference on the work and people of TWR Côte d’Ivoire…
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