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Like The Golden Age Of Radio
Have you ever listened to some of the great shows from the golden age of radio?  For instance..."The Shadow," "Fibber McGee and Molly," or "The Jack Benny Program?"  Or, in Christian radio, have you ever heard Moody's "Stories of Great...

Roadside Encounter Set Him on Right Path: A Story of Hope (59/60)
… you at different times depending on the state I was in. I live in Norwalk, California, and I listen to you on 1390, Radio Nueva Vida. I have not been working for a year because of an accident on the job site, but God is good.   I have wanted…

Cubans Dig Deep to Help Expand Christian Radio Signal
TWR’s Alberto González received donations from Cuban radio listeners eager to support the ministry’s upgrade of its AM broadcasts from Bonaire. Listeners of TWR broadcasts in Cuba have long called for a stronger, clearer signal,...

For National Radio Day, TWR Highlights Outreach in U.S.
In recognition of National Radio Day, international media ministry TWR is emphasizing its continued commitment to broadcasting in U.S. markets. TWR, also known as Trans World Radio, is primarily recognized for its gospel broadcasts to 160 countries...

TWR Joins Celebration of World Radio Day
TWR Nepal leader Simon Subba and members of his staff visited hard-hit areas in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes. The theme of World Radio Day 2016, “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster,” has special resonance at TWR. As the annual...

Venezuelans Eager for Stronger TWR Radio Signal
Cuba’s need for gospel broadcasting has claimed the spotlight in TWR’s drive to amplify its radio signal, but that shouldn’t overshadow Venezuelans’ keen hunger to receive the programs again. Bonaire, the Caribbean island from which the...

New Roma Believers Nurtured by Radio
“Even if we save only one, it’s worth it,” was a common saying of TWR founder, Dr. Paul Freed. In 2009, TWR aired a program called The Voice of Truth on a small radio station in Prilep, Macedonia. This weekly, one-hour program was aimed at...

On World Radio Day, Titus II Shows Promise
TWR engineers and their co-workers are excited to salute World Radio Day 2017 just as Titus II is set to open a new range of possibilities for the medium. World Radio Day, observed Monday, Feb. 13, is sponsored by UNESCO in celebration of the...
… adolescent. I have been living in the U.S. for more than 20 years. To my great surprise, one day I was listening to Radio Nueva Vida here in California and heard the program A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish). It gave me such joy…

An Old Radio
I praise the Lord for Val Evandjelja (TWR's National Partner in Croatia). I purchased an old radio for four dollars and I hear you very well. It brings me joy to listen to your programs. Thank you for the Bible you gave me for my sister. She is...
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