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Reflecting God's Light
After an incredible week full of worship, prayer, laughter, tears, encouragement and ministry updates, the Project Hannah Americas Forum in Curitiba, Brazil came to a close on Saturday, September 4, 2010.Marlene and Wesley Vasques led worship, and…

TWR Guam Replacement Project Update
TWR is pleased to report that the estimated total in gifts and pledges for our strategic “Love Asia by Radio” Guam Transmitter Replacement project is around $665,000. The total remaining need for the project is approximately $25, 000....

Milestone Reached for Guam Transmitter Project
On April 19, 2011, a milestone event was reached in the Guam Transmitter Upgrade Project. The building and transmitter hall modifications were completed  to the point where we were able to bring the new transmitters from their storage containers...

Three More Women of Hope Listener Stories
Here are three stories based on listener letters from people impacted by Project Hannah's Women of Hope programming. We hope these beautiful accounts of God's goodness are as encouraging to you as they have been to us. From Russia: In Russia, a…

500 Women Kill Themselves Each Day in China
"Today, 500 women in China, will kill themselves" according to Marli Spieker of Project Hannah.  That was a statistic that startled me!  First, we ask why?  And, then we ask, what can we do to help?  Marli says "the most powerful …

"I challenged them not to be chickens but to be eagles," said Marli Spieker at a Project Hannah event in Kenya.  Valentina asked "How do I become an eagle?"  The answer changed her life! Click here for more Project Hannah stories (Photo of …

Huge Project Lifts Up Christ to Unreached in China
A massive media project taking the Gospel to more than 100 million people in China who likely know nothing about Jesus Christ took to the airwaves this week.   The SON-Lift Project began broadcasting from the powerful shortwave transmitters of...

Helping Roma Women in Albania
…the Roma people? Quite possibly you would recognize them by another name – Gypsies. Eeva Vahasarja, TWR's Project Hannah coordinator for Europe, says the situation that Roma women face "is maybe the most difficult in Europe."…

500 Suicides Daily
"Today, in China, 500 women will kill themselves" according to Project Hannah's Founder, Marli Spieker.  That's a staggering statistic.  Think about that figure for a China alone, 500 women will take their own…

"I challenged them not to be chickens but to be eagles," said Marli Spieker at a Project Hannah event in Kenya.  Valentina walked 9 hours to ask "How do I become an eagle?"  You might be asking the same question.  Well, since Marli…
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