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The God Who Heals the Broken-hearted
Irena is 32 and a mother of four children. She came to the Lord five years ago at a Project Hannah-Albania women’s conference. She is a faithful intercessor and listener of Women of Hope, and her love and passion for Jesus gives her strength…

Prison Ministry in Paraguay
Every Monday night, a group of Project Hannah volunteers, led by Dorette Wolff, visit the “House of the Good Shepherd” women’s prison in Paraguay. They coordinate several different activities, such as a Bible study, personal…

Huge Project Lifts Up Christ to Unreached in China
A massive media project taking the Gospel to more than 100 million people in China who likely know nothing about Jesus Christ took to the airwaves this week.   The SON-Lift Project began broadcasting from the powerful shortwave transmitters of...

Helping Roma Women in Albania
…the Roma people? Quite possibly you would recognize them by another name – Gypsies. Eeva Vahasarja, TWR's Project Hannah coordinator for Europe, says the situation that Roma women face "is maybe the most difficult in Europe."…

500 Suicides Daily
"Today, in China, 500 women will kill themselves" according to Project Hannah's Founder, Marli Spieker.  That's a staggering statistic.  Think about that figure for a China alone, 500 women will take their own…

"I challenged them not to be chickens but to be eagles," said Marli Spieker at a Project Hannah event in Kenya.  Valentina walked 9 hours to ask "How do I become an eagle?"  You might be asking the same question.  Well, since Marli…

Divine Grace
In today's Footsteps, Ruth Mbennah, TWR's Project Hannah Regional Coordinator for Africa, tells the story of a pregnant woman who originally had planned to abort her child, but through a Project Hannah prayer group, she decided not to opt for…

Refugee Ministry Pilot Project in Athens
The Refugee Bridge app has plenty of relevant, powerful content for refugees in Arabic, Farsi, and Dari. But how do we spread the word to refugees themselves? From September 12-16, we conducted the Refugee Ministry pilot project in Athens. Our goal...

Hidden Treasures Speaks to Sexually Exploited Women
TWR’s Project Hannah has joined with the European Freedom Network to use the power of media to bring inner healing and freedom to sexually exploited and trafficked women locked away in brothels and on the streets of European cities and eventually…

Thriving Ministry Takes New Name
… is revitalizing and expanding its mission to take on a third decade of service. TWR Women of Hope is the new name of Project Hannah, which in nearly 20 years of ministry has established a global prayer network of more than 50,000 intercessors in…
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