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“Vida en Familia Hoy” va a Cuba
…en Familia Hoy desde la emisora de RTM Bonaire 800 AM. Con este programa, RTM Bonaire ofrece a oyentes en países como Cuba, la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico una buena herramienta para animar la unidad como pareja y como familia al enfrentarse …

Studying by the Radio
Country Focus: Cuba In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of …

A Welcome Blessing
TWR Country Focus: Cuba The prayers and well wishes of supporters and listeners of TWR broadcasts not only are warmly welcomed by staff and volunteers but also are indispensable to the ministry’s effectiveness. This brief message from a woman in…

Lemuel's Voice Captured the Hearts of Cubans
…[over the airwaves]. Larrosa started TWR partnerships in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. First Visits to Cuba Larrosa knew no one in Cuba the first time he traveled there as part of his effort to expand ministry in the region…

Cubans Dream of Stronger Signal from Bonaire
Feedback from Cubans about TWR’s plan to raise its broadcasting wattage on Bonaire might sound vaguely familiar to fans of 1980s movies: If you boost it, we will listen. That’s the sense conveyed in a recent report from TWR…

Cubans Dig Deep to Help Expand Christian Radio Signal
TWR’s Alberto González received donations from Cuban radio listeners eager to support the ministry’s upgrade of its AM broadcasts from Bonaire. Listeners of TWR broadcasts in Cuba have long called for a stronger, clearer signal…

Buscaba el beísbol - Encontró a Cristo
…Al detener el dial escuchaba el programa A Través de la Biblia. A los pocos días escuché el breve programa del pastor cubano Alberto I. González, el mismo que predicó ese 31-1-2009 aquí en Santa Clara el día que acepté a Cristo. A partir de…

At 60, Media Ministry’s Fruitful Past Heralds Exciting Future
…its 60th anniversary of Gospel broadcasting by expanding its reach to even more people needing hope in places like Cuba, China and Afghanistan. Not content to rest on yesterday’s accomplishments, TWR officials offer thanks for six decades of…

No Bibles No Hymnals
Can a government erase Christianity from its culture?  After the revolution in Cuba, the Cuban government took away from its people their Bibles, hymnals, all Christian publications.  The officials even closed all of Cuba's Christian…

A Confident Cuban Pastor
…TWR in the lives of Alex, his family, and his congregation, and may God use Alex in a major way as a witness for Christ to his fellow Cubans. Click here to learn more about TWR's work today in Cuba (Photo of Alex, Andy Napier, and Alberto Gonzalez)
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