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Cubans Hungry For God
…the United States, we have millions of people who are so stuffed on apple pie that they have no appetite for God.  But, in Cuba, where the the people have been controlled by a communist government, and where they have lived without many of the…

U.S. Broadcasters Help TWRReach Out to Cuba
… apart in terms of geography and size, two Christian broadcasters were united in their determination to tell the people of Cuba about Jesus Christ.  Your Network of Praise (YNOP), with multiple outlets close to the frequently frigid northern…

An Awakening In Cuba
…akenings" are not limited to the United States.  In fact, in today's Footsteps, Alberto Gonzalez, TWR's Ministry Director to Cuba, says that for many years, Cuban believers were praying for an "awakening" in their country, and now "the Spirit of God…

…Al detener el dial escuchaba el programa A Través de la Biblia. A los pocos días escuché el breve programa del pastor cubano Alberto I. González, el mismo que predicó ese 31-1-2009 aquí en Santa Clara el día que acepté a Cristo. A partir de…
Country Focus: Cuba In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of …
TWR Country Focus: Cuba The prayers and well wishes of supporters and listeners of TWR broadcasts not only are warmly welcomed by staff and volunteers but also are indispensable to the ministry’s effectiveness. This brief message from a woman in…

A New Believer In Cuba
…to preach.  So where did Alex turn for theological training?  Seminary was not an option becasue Alex lives in Cuba.  So Alex, continued to listen to TWR.  He still does--So do the members of his church.  Alex says "TWR is …

A Confident Cuban Pastor
…TWR in the lives of Alex, his family, and his congregation, and may God use Alex in a major way as a witness for Christ to his fellow Cubans. Click here to learn more about TWR's work today in Cuba (Photo of Alex, Andy Napier, and Alberto Gonzalez)

We Need Your Help
On a recent trip to Cuba, TWR's John Summerville asked a Baptist pastor in Camaguey if he had a message for the Church in America.  The pastor pleadingly said, "We need your help!"  Knowing what the apostle Paul wrote in Galations 6:10…

From Seminary To Labor Camp
I've heard Alberto Gonzalez described as "The Billy Graham of Cuba."  I've also heard that in Christian circles in Cuba, Alberto is viewed somewhat like a "rock star."  Why?  Partly because Alberto is the host of the only Christian…
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