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TWR Develops Programs for Spanish-Speaking Listeners in the U.S.
…is collaborating with key missions-minded producers to generate Christian programming in Spanish for people in the United States. The U.S. Hispanic Ministry team has been developing three new programs that will speak hope to a variety of…

Home Church Listening Groups In India
Churches in the United States come in all different types of shapes and sizes...small, medium, large, megachurch, traditional, contemporary, mainline denominations, non-denominational, and even churches that are part of a denomination but choose to…

Christ, Chracter, and Skills
For over twenty years, The United States Army's recruting slogan was "Be All You Can Be."  More recently, John Maxwell authored a book using that slogan as its title.  So, what does it mean to "be all you can be?"  According to…

Big Map Of Brazil
A couple of years ago, my wife Kathy gave me a new, vinyl covered Rand McNally atlas of the United States.  Why?  Because she often would find me randomly picking a state in our old and tattered atlas and studying the towns, roads, and…

Introduce TWR to Your Small Group
…website and contact informatio to leave with small-group members. Our latest TWR Magazine. Offer available in the United States only. Canadian residents, please contact the TWR Canada office by calling 1-888-672-6510 for similar materials.

TWR Venezuela Ministers to Ailing Nation
…produces 11 Bible-based programs that are also aired in many other countries, including in Cuba, Argentina and the United States, as well as from the Western Hemisphere’s most powerful station, TWR’s Shine 800 AM on Bonaire. The important role…

United Arab Emirates
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United Kingdom
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Warming Russian Hearts
…these days. For instance, on today's Footsteps, TWR's Beate Kiebel tells of a Russian man who has immigrated the United States. While is is unable to listen to TWR's radio broadcast in Russian, he does have access to TWR360 where he can listen to…
Global Staff / Missionary

A North Carolina native, Elisa Keefe is among the 2-4% of Christians who are saved after the age of 30 (42, to be exact). She began her role as Director of the US Spanish Ministry when the former director retired at the end of 2017. The US Spanish...
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