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Home Church Listening Groups In India
Churches in the United States come in all different types of shapes and sizes...small, medium, large, megachurch, traditional, contemporary, mainline denominations, non-denominational, and even churches that are part of a denomination but choose to…

Christ, Chracter, and Skills
For over twenty years, The United States Army's recruting slogan was "Be All You Can Be."  More recently, John Maxwell authored a book using that slogan as its title.  So, what does it mean to "be all you can be?"  According to…

Big Map Of Brazil
A couple of years ago, my wife Kathy gave me a new, vinyl covered Rand McNally atlas of the United States.  Why?  Because she often would find me randomly picking a state in our old and tattered atlas and studying the towns, roads, and…

Guam Station Speaks Hope Amid North Korea Dispute
… home of TWR's powerful shortwave station, once again faces being caught in the crossfire between North Korea and the United States. As reports emerged of the North Korean government's announcement that it may launch a missile strike on the U.S. air …

Pasantes que no hacen café: Ryan con TWR MOTION
Trece estudiantes de diez estados diferentes y once especialidades distintas han llegado a TWR por el verano. ¿El factor unificador de estas personas? Sus corazones para esparcir el Evangelio a través de los medios. Cada junio y julio, estudiantes...
…in this policy. By using the TWR Services, you agree to have your information transferred to and used in the United States of America as set forth in this policy. If you are in the European Union, additional information about how the General Data…

Ministry Extends Books’ Reach via Radio
…boosted signal of TWR’s Shine 800 AM station. Already sending out millions of the quarterly volumes in the United States and around the world, the ministry found distribution of The Word For You Today to be tough going in Cuba, whose…

New Signal from Bonaire Reaches Guerrillas in Colombia
Recently, I spoke with the leader of TWR Colombia. Last year at the partner conference held in the United States, we were both anticipating the installation of the new 450-kW transmitter on Bonaire. It is still early to know how big the impact will…

Warming Russian Hearts
…these days. For instance, on today's Footsteps, TWR's Beate Kiebel tells of a Russian man who has immigrated the United States. While is is unable to listen to TWR's radio broadcast in Russian, he does have access to TWR360 where he can listen to…

United Arab Emirates
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