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Reaching Japan For Jesus
A listener in Japan recently wrote to express her gratitude in being able to listen to Thru the Bible sermons that are broadcast in Japanese. She said, “Thank you for your programs. I listen to them every day, and I am currently enjoying learning…

TWR Partner TTB Launches New Site
TWR's longtime media partner Thru the Bible (TTB) has launched a Spanish language site to provide practical spiritual content on the Web. The site, which resonates in a big way with Spanish-speaking visitors, provides acces to TTB's audio and text…

The Only Source of Encouragement: Listener Story
…Focus: Egypt  I bought a radio after I moved back to Egypt from Sudan to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible (TTB). Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual food, and it was the first and…

I Couldn’t Deny Jesus - Listener Story
TWR Country Focus: Egypt I bought a radio just to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible [TTB], after I moved back to Egypt from [a neighboring country]. Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual…

El Autobús Bíblico salió de Bonaire en 1973
El autobús bíblico partió de Bonaire por primera vez en 1973 en un viaje por Latinoamérica. Desde entonces, muchos oyentes abordaron el Autobús Bíblico y viajaron a través de la Palabra de Dios. A Través de la Biblia es el programa más...

TWR Malawi’s Listeners Fund New Radio Signal
…take turns addressing evangelistic and discipleship principles. Tisanthule Baibulo – the Chewa-language version of Thru the Bible. Nzeru pa Chuma – a talk show known in English as Wisdom for Wealth that focuses on business and…

Maneras favoritas de escuchar
… Dirigido al "americano promedio" ese humilde programa sirvió de fundamento para lo que llegaría a ser el programa "Thru the Bible" (A Través de la Biblia). En 1967, el Dr. McGee desarrolló una enseñanza sistemática a través de la Biblia y…

Riding the "Bible Bus"
TWR country Focus: Cuba A woman named Maria wrote from Cuba to tell about the role played in her life by Thru the Bible, the program on which J. Vernon McGee guides listeners aboard a “Bible bus” on a five-year tour of Scripture…

Rediscovering Bible on the Air
…one day I was listening to Radio Nueva Vida here in California and heard the program A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish). It gave me such joy and pleasure. Even more surprising was when I was working for Los Angeles County in a home…

Becoming a Bible Scholar by Radio
Country Focus: Romania Finding a partnership that is more tightly knit and productive than the one bonding TWR with Thru the Bible would be difficult – if not impossible. The two media ministries have been cooperating more than four decades, with…
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