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Building Restoration Nears Final Steps
A major fire damaged TWR’s office in Cary, North Carolina, back in December 2017. Now the building is close to being fully restored, thanks to friends and supporters who helped along the way. Watch this inspiring one-minute video update to see and...

Lemuel's Voice Captured the Hearts of Cubans
By Mariette Oosterhoff, Marketing & Communications director for Latin America & The Caribbean Somewhere in the Uruguayan countryside during the 1940s, American missionary Lemuel Jaime preached the gospel in a large tent. At first, local boys threw...

RTM hace una diferencia
Déjenos un comentario abajo para contarnos cómo Dios le ha bendecido a través de Radio Trans Mundial. Si quisiera recibir noticias del ministerio de Radio Trans Mundial y las notas y nocticias de A Través de la Biblia, suscríbase y con mucho...

La fidelidad de Dios en Japón
Alabamos a Dios por nuevas maneras de alcanzar a la gente de Japón con Su Palabra. En Japón, menos del .5% de la población sigue a Cristo. Esto significa que el 99.5% de la población japonesa sabe muy poco sobre Jesús. Con una población de...

Gospel Radio Helps Rekindle Marriage
…“But things got worse because we were not faithful to the Lord. I had been listening to you for three years on Radio Nueva Vida and then online on my phone. The fact is that God brought us test after test until I gave in and surrendered my heart…

Radio Home Groups for Bangladesh
The people of Bangladesh live in one of the most densely populated countries of the world. Christians make up less than 1 percent of the population. Ninety percent of the country is rural with a large portion of the people living without electricity....

Nuevas opciones para escuchar RTM Paraguay
Noticias de Radio Trans Mundial Paraguay Ahora los oyentes pueden acceder a mensajes de esperanza en cualquier lugar y en todo tiempo que quieran desde su celular o aparato móvil. La app se puede bajar de la Google Play Store y la estación de...

College Internships
Why TWR? Let's face it: Nowadays, the word "internship" can mean a lot of different things. Depending on where you end up, you might be making copies for eight hours a day or typing numbers into spreadsheets until your eyes hurt. And don't even ask...

After Summit, Koreas Need Prayer and Radio
Visitors in Pyongyang, North Korea, bow in respect to statues of former leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, grandfather and father of Kim Jong Un. Radio could play an even bigger role on the divided Korean Peninsula after this week’s historic...

Ministry Extends Books’ Reach via Radio
Two media platforms are better than one when it comes to sharing the gospel with as many people as possible across the island nation of Cuba. That’s pretty much how Phil James, director of global development for The Word For You Today, explains...
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