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TWR and KCBI-FM Band Together to Reach Cuba for Christ
TWR and Dallas-based KCBI-FM have joined forces to help cover the spiritually needy country of Cuba with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A six-week on-air fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 has begun and includes compelling radio spots on KCBI. …

Bott Radio Drive Raises $40,000 for TWR Outreach to Cuba
A broadcast partnership aimed at raising $25,000 to help cover Cuba with the gospel crossed the goal line and kept on sprinting. The final total exceeded $40,000 as Bott Radio Network teamed with TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) in July to…

As Country Opens Up, So Do Cuban Hearts
Try telling Alberto González that life in Cuba hasn’t changed despite all the geopolitical developments, and you’re likely to face a vigorous rebuttal. “The environment in Cuba is totally different,” says the pastor and broadcaster who…

Abren los corazones cubanos
Como Abre el País, También Abren los Corazones Cubanos Intente decirle a Alberto González que la vida en Cuba no ha cambiado a pesar de todos acontecimientos geopolíticos, y es muy probable que reciba una refutación vigorosa. "El ambiente en…

“Vida en Familia Hoy” va a Cuba
…en Familia Hoy desde la emisora de RTM Bonaire 800 AM. Con este programa, RTM Bonaire ofrece a oyentes en países como Cuba, la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico una buena herramienta para animar la unidad como pareja y como familia al enfrentarse …

Studying by the Radio
Country Focus: Cuba In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of …

A Welcome Blessing
TWR Country Focus: Cuba The prayers and well wishes of supporters and listeners of TWR broadcasts not only are warmly welcomed by staff and volunteers but also are indispensable to the ministry’s effectiveness. This brief message from a woman in…

Let's Cover Cuba with the Gospel
Suggested Donation: $100.00 Donate Now House churches are forming across Cuba because Cubans are hungry for the Word of God. Years of atheism have challenged both Christians and seekers to earnestly desire the truth, and they depend on the Spanish…

TWR's New Cuban Ministry Video
Recently, a TWR staff member visited Cuba and was able to meet many of our listeners. To see some of them and hear their testimonies, watch this inspiring video on TWR’s Cuban ministry. From a powerful 100,000-watt transmitter on the island of …

A New Believer In Cuba
…to preach.  So where did Alex turn for theological training?  Seminary was not an option becasue Alex lives in Cuba.  So Alex, continued to listen to TWR.  He still does--So do the members of his church.  Alex says "TWR is …
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