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Cubans Dig Deep to Help Expand Christian Radio Signal
TWR’s Alberto González received donations from Cuban radio listeners eager to support the ministry’s upgrade of its AM broadcasts from Bonaire. Listeners of TWR broadcasts in Cuba have long called for a stronger, clearer signal…

As Country Opens Up, So Do Cuban Hearts
Try telling Alberto González that life in Cuba hasn’t changed despite all the geopolitical developments, and you’re likely to face a vigorous rebuttal. “The environment in Cuba is totally different,” says the pastor and broadcaster who…

Abren los corazones cubanos
Como Abre el País, También Abren los Corazones Cubanos Intente decirle a Alberto González que la vida en Cuba no ha cambiado a pesar de todos acontecimientos geopolíticos, y es muy probable que reciba una refutación vigorosa. "El ambiente en…

With Castro's Passing, TWR's Commitment to Cuba Stays Strong
CARY, North Carolina (Nov. 29, 2016) – TWR has an important role to play in post-Fidel Castro Cuba. It isn’t political, and it isn’t commercial. You could, however, make a strong case that this role is more important than either of those and…

Con el fallecimiento de Castro, el compromiso de RTM a Cuba sigue fuerte
RTM/TWR tiene un papel importante en el Cuba post-Fidel Castro. No es un papel político, ni un papel comercial. Sin embargo, podría afirmar que es un papel aún más importante y que ya ha tenido un impacto de medio siglo en el país comunista…

Cover Cuba with the Gospel
… separate transmitter site on Bonaire in the Caribbean Meet:You'll meet our dedicated TWR Bonaire staff,TWR's director for Cuba from Havana Alberto Gonzalez Relax:Bonaire is one of the premier dive spots in the world, so we’ll take a day and strap …

A New Believer In Cuba
…to preach.  So where did Alex turn for theological training?  Seminary was not an option becasue Alex lives in Cuba.  So Alex, continued to listen to TWR.  He still does--So do the members of his church.  Alex says "TWR is …

A Confident Cuban Pastor
…TWR in the lives of Alex, his family, and his congregation, and may God use Alex in a major way as a witness for Christ to his fellow Cubans. Click here to learn more about TWR's work today in Cuba (Photo of Alex, Andy Napier, and Alberto Gonzalez)

One Blind Man In Cuba
…the years, God has chosen to use many other "weak" men and women for His glory.  A current example is a blind man in Cuba.  His story is inspiring! Click here to learn about TWR's Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade Project to better reach Cuba…

Cubans Hungry For God
…the United States, we have millions of people who are so stuffed on apple pie that they have no appetite for God.  But, in Cuba, where the the people have been controlled by a communist government, and where they have lived without many of the…
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