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The women of Iran are denied many of the basic freedoms that women in the West take for granted. Worse still, most are taught from infancy that they are worthless … God has abandoned them … no one cares what they think or feel. Abuse is a normal part of their lives.

So these women have created their own “underground culture,” a community of sisters who care. And thanks to TWR (Trans World Radio) friends like you, Women of Hope broadcasts in Farsi are the perfect way to reach safely and effectively into this underground culture.

“Knowing that there are people who are thinking of you, who are consistently praying for you is so blessing,” one listener shares. “In Iran, we as believers have so many limitations in media. And that is why your Women of Hope radio programs are like fresh water when it is warm midday in a desert. Me and my friends have planned so that we come together to listen to your programs. That is a joyful and encouraging time for us. We have learned so many things from your health issues and spiritual materials. Praise the Lord! Be blessed in him.”

For Iranian women to hear a woman’s voice affirming God’s love for them is revolutionary, reaching out to them just as they reach out to one another. And as their hope in Christ grows, they are ready to share it with their sisters, their daughters, their friends.

God is moving mightily in the Middle East, as violence in the name of Islam causes millions to search for answers. Women of Hope is one of the tools he is using to change hearts and minds.

Will you be a part of God’s provision for oppressed women across the Middle East by making a gift today? The cost to continue the TWR Women of Hope ministry (formerly Project Hannah) this year is $375,000. Every gift matters!


Many women around the world live with eyes averted, head down, some with their entire bodies covered so that the sun can’t even touch their skin. Through TWR Women of Hope, the Son can touch their hearts and lift their eyes toward heaven, being valued beyond their dreams. They need to know Jesus is the lifter of our heads (Psalm 3:3). Since I’m most grateful he lifted mine, I support Women of Hope so other women can experience his amazing love, too!” —Ginger in Kentucky



Suggested Donation: $100.00