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Suggested Donation: $100.00

There are challenges to preaching the Word of God in the rural parts of Vietnam. It is difficult for missionaries to work without attracting unwanted attention, and many areas are too remote for the limited number of travelling evangelists to reach. This is where TWR’s radio ministry is able to fill the gap. Through this combination of shortwave radio programming and on-the-ground follow-up, TWR seeks to minister to the people of Vietnam in projects such as but not limited to the following:

  • Bamboo Shoots is a program that seeks to reach Vietnamese children who do not have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ otherwise. This program is broadcast twice a week.
  • Door to Heaven is a program that reaches out to pre-believing Vietnamese people in the rural parts of the country. Believers are able to invite their pre-believing neighbors to listen to the program together. In this way, the gospel is presented in a non-threatening setting.
  • New Journey is a program that seeks to build up new believers in Christ, with content that teaches them how to apply the Bible in their daily lives, overcome temptation, witness to others, and be good stewards.
  • Women of Hope (Vietnamese) caters to the needs of Vietnamese women, especially those living in the countryside. This program provides useful, practical teaching on subjects such as personal care and care for children, while also telling of God’s love for them.
  • Vietnamese Listener Group Care is a project for the thousands of listener groups that have been formed as a result of TWR’s radio distribution efforts. As many listeners living in rural areas either cannot write or afford postage, our ministry workers have to travel across the country so they can follow up with our listeners.

Please consider financially supporting this ministry so that the Vietnamese people may develop a deep and personal relationship with Jesus. Will you give $100 to make a lasting impact for Christ?


Suggested Donation: $100.00