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Suggested Donation: $100.00

It has been our privilege throughout the history of TWR to come alongside our partners in other countries to support them with funding, missionary personnel, and training in radio broadcasting.

The goal, however, is that sustainable ministries are developed so that our national partners become local ministries with local audiences and support. In this way, prayer warriors and supporters are raised up and encouraged to take part in reaching their own countries for Christ, without depending on the West for long-term funding. Another result is that gifts from foreign sources are not as likely to undermine local businesses or replace local ingenuity.

TWR has become a prominent champion among global missions to encourage local communities in the developing world to see themselves as blessed by God and gifted with the creative use of local resources, however scarce they might be.

TWR is encouraging an attitude of resourcefulness among our regional offices and national partners around the world with specific training and coaching. In this way, we all rejoice in the biblical model of joyful giving.

Your support of Financially Sustainable Ministry will provide scholarships for TWR partners who desire to attend the training sessions in their own regions.

Our goal for 2017-2018 is to raise $20,000 to encourage joyful stewardship among TWR’s ministry partners and their communities.

Suggested Donation: $100.00