Suggested Donation: $100.00

TWR’s SON-Lift project for China is an integrated media strategy to sow seeds of the gospel among 105 of the world’s remaining unreached people groups (UPGs) of China.

The SON-Lift project takes its name from our desire to “lift up” the name of Jesus and proclaim him as Lord using the 15 languages that will reach these groups, whose combined population is 100 million people.

For each language, we are developing 60 programs that tell the Bible stories of Jesus’ earthly ministry so that all of these UPGs will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus in their mother tongues. Prayer and a clear explanation of the gospel are part of each seven-minute program.

Regional follow-up teams provide encouragement to our listeners by personally sharing the gospel with them and giving them media players loaded with the programs.

As a result, people are accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. Churches inside China are being asked to “adopt” these people groups to partner with us in reaching them. Several languages are on the air, and the other productions are in progress.

TWR is seeking the Lord’s provision for $100,000 to help finish the task.

Suggested Donation: $100.00