Suggested Donation: $100.00

On January 30, 2018, TWR increased the power of our broadcast signal in the Caribbean and Latin America from 100,000 to 450,000 watts. This dramatic increase in power brings with it a significant increase in the cost of electricity.

The stronger signal from the island of Bonaire has doubled our potential listening audience from 50 million to 100 million people and shines the light of Jesus across the entire nation of Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and much of Colombia, Brazil, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

For years, our listeners in Latin America, especially in Cuba, pleaded with us to upgrade to a stronger signal from our Bonaire 800 AM station. Cuban pastor Alberto Gonzalez says, “People are hungry for God. This is our moment in Cuba. Wherever you go in Cuba, people are coming together, and churches are planted.”

In 2014, we launched the upgrade project, and the funding need was met in 2017 with the help of many donors and volunteers.

A far-reaching radio signal can minister deeply to those who are dealing with hunger, drug addiction, loneliness, the stronghold of false religions, or who simply love to study God’s Word.

Your gifts to Shine 800 AM Bonaire will support the new transmitter operations and take the gospel farther and stronger throughout Latin America.

Suggested Donation: $100.00