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A majority of the world’s orphans have faced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, and even if they are taken in by loving caregivers, their hearts need healing.

Through the ministry of RiverCross, an audio-drama series called Holding Esther has been developed to train orphan caregivers in Zambia in how to protect children from further abuse and facilitate their healing.

A second series, Jabota Bridge, has been produced to speak directly to the children. To date, 280 orphan caregivers have been trained to use Holding Esther with the children in their care. We already know of perpetrators arrested because of Holding Esther, and instances of healing in Zambian communities have taken place.

TWR’s partners on other continents, as well as ministries like Compassion International, are asking for the audio dramas, but more support is needed to expand in Africa and beyond. Our goal to keep expanding the ministry of RiverCross is $220,000.