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We live in a time when cruelty, abuse and crime flood from television screens into people’s minds. It is a time when we have to be more diligent than ever in raising our children in this “crooked and perverse generation” and building strong understanding of godly values in the hearts of youth. We say quite easily that children are our future, and this future will depend on how these kids will develop. Will they be kind and merciful, or cruel and mean? Will they walk the way of righteousness or find pleasure in planning evil? More and more children grow up not knowing God or His Word. TWR Russia and TWR Belarus are working to meet this need through these programs for Russian-speaking children and youth:

The Little Seed is produced by TWR Belarus and plants the seed of God’s Word in the hearts of 7- to 10-year-old children. The program is produced in the Russian language, but once a month is broadcast in the native Belarusian language. The Little Seed is throwing out golden seeds carefully, so that they will touch the souls of children by telling Bible stories and teaching a Bible verse at the end of the program. Through this, TWR wants to help build into Belarussian children strong character traits that will be like a spiritual anchor, helping them to become true Christians.

Treasure Seekers is a program also produced by TWR Belarus, for children ages 6-12. Treasure Seekers will help boys and girls to aim at good values and use for their orientation the priceless treasure of wisdom that is found in the Bible. In each program the children go for a treasure seeking journey into the stories of the Bible.

Distance-Life! is a young adult program for ages 18 and up. These are people who are thinking through and analyzing their lives. Therefore, in this program, we discuss ethical questions. We ask young people to look differently at generally accepted norms of conduct, and call their attention to how some of them might echo in life. Distance-Life! shows the young adults the truth that the foundation of real life is love for God, and that a true anchor during this "long distance life" is not the experiences of ancestors, present day idols or personal feelings, but only the Word of God.

Please consider a gift of $50 or more to reach Russian children and youth for Jesus Christ.


Suggested Donation: $50.00