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From Bonaire, TWR’s signal is very good in the eastern third of Cuba, useful most of the time in central Cuba, but not strong enough in western Cuba. At this time of unprecedented change, large numbers of Cubans are searching for something to believe. Thousands of house church pastors are led by young believers. They and other listeners are praying and pleading with TWR for a stronger signal from Bonaire to bring clear biblical teaching.

To cover Cuba with the Gospel, we need to help boost their signal strength.  An upgrade like this is no small task—it will cost $3.8 million over the next few years. Yet as daunting as $3.8 million appears, in 60 years of ministry, we have seen God overcome challenges like this again and again.  Countless people simply gave as they were led. And this partnership goes far beyond the borders of our country.  Already, our TWR national partners in the Americas are leading the way with an unprecedented challenge gift of $390,000.  And a radio group from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific has donated $3,000 towards reaching the people of Cuba! 

Cover Cuba with the Gospel. Please respond generously to this challenge below and help make this crucial project a reality with a gift today.

Prefer to give by mail? Write a check payable to TWR and send to P.O. Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512. Write "Power Up Cuba" in the memo.

Radio Repairman Dials in TWR

This fun story came in and we wanted to share it with you. Faithful listeners of TWR often become outspoken promoters of the Christian broadcasts. One Cuban radio repairman even found a way to incorporate his advocacy into his job.

Much of the work of the radio repairman, whose name is withheld for security reasons, involves peddling his bicycle to fix residents’ old radios made in the Soviet Union – back when the USSR still existed.

The frequency of a station needs to be used during the final adjustment phase, so this Cuban technician does his fine-tuning on 800 AM – the dial position of TWR’s transmission from Bonaire. On each radio he fixes, 800 AM serves as the standard for best reception. Then the technician goes a step further, marking the dial to indicate TWR’s frequency. And for good measure he instructs the owner where to place the radio in the house to get optimal reception of TWR broadcasts.

This radio technician, in a country where the government controls all broadcast content and prohibits editorial independence, unashamedly introduces his clients to the Gospel using a radio signal from which he draws spiritual nourishment.

Suggested Donation: $100.00