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Suggested Donation: $100.00

The Oasis of Hope series consists of four programs specifically produced for four distinct audiences in the Middle East. Each audience has its own special characteristics and needs, which also correspond with TWR's Global Strategic Plan initiatives:

Wholistic health issues are not often discussed in Middle Eastern society and so people, especially women, are expected to look after themselves and their families when illness and difficulty strike. To help Middle Eastern listeners deal with health issues from a biblical perspective, TWR produces How Are You?. This program provides practical help and opens the door for people to meet Jesus, the Great Healer.

Young men in the Middle East rarely have the opportunity to have their thoughts and feelings heard, or to have someone guide them in the journey of life. This can lead to risk-taking, poor decisions and fanaticism. The program The Way Companion helps Arabic young men through counseling and biblical application, guiding them by the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.

Young women in this area are also discouraged from sharing their fears and worries with others, leading to painful isolation and self-destruction. So many problems are caused by the "hidden" pressures, challenges and concerns that young ladies face, especially in a community that does not understand them. TWR's Healing Touches radio program provides support and encouragement for these precious souls.

Oral communities can be found in many rural areas, where more than 55 percent of the Middle East's population lives. These people express their thoughts, ideas and feelings through the spoken word, as many of them are illiterate. The program I Long For You talks about God's love in a simple way and deals with the many challenges this sector of society faces.

Please prayerfully consider how you could become part of the many ways Oasis of Hope is watering thirsty souls in the Middle East. A gift of $50 will make a tremendous difference.

Suggested Donation: $100.00