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Watching the events of the Middle East unfold over the last several years has intensified our desire to bring the hope of the gospel to Muslims affected by devastating war, lives lost, homes destroyed, and mass migration to other countries.

TWR’s programs for the Middle East are part of our global focus on reaching our Muslim neighbors for Christ. With a small radio or a cellphone, those in despair are being encouraged through the life-giving Arabic programs of TWR.

Oasis of Hope is a group of four programs designed for specific audiences: young men needing spiritual guidance, young women with questions about growing up, older women who are responsible for the health of their families, and oral learners. Talmatha provides comprehensive discipleship and leadership training for house-church leaders.

Women of Hope ministers to women who feel isolated and forgotten. Hope for Syria is a lifeline of support for displaced Syrians, who tell us our program is their only spiritual food. And Syrian Youth on Mind points the disillusioned youth of Syria to Jesus Christ as their beacon in very dark times.

Our Arabic listeners find the peace they desperately need through the Word of God.

Suggested Donation: $100.00