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The country with the largest population of Muslims anywhere in the world is not in the Middle East. It is the country of Indonesia in Southeast Asia. This vast archipelago is home to hundreds of people groups, many of them isolated, and missionaries are not always welcome.

In rural villages where illiteracy is common, if Bible stories are told in the rich tradition of oral communication, villagers can relate to the stories and apply them to their own lives.

TWR has a comprehensive ministry strategy in Indonesia that includes using mass media throughout the country as well as supportive follow-up activities. TWR would like to keep expanding the coverage area for the distribution of gospel programs through radio, CD recordings, and literature.

As we distribute the materials in several languages of Indonesia, TWR’s in-country staff members personally visit listeners to encourage them and connect them to churches, Bible studies, and children's clubs.

Our goal to reach more people in Indonesia is $50,000.

Suggested Donation: $100.00