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Since the 1970s, TWR has been broadcasting across Asia from our shortwave station, KTWR, on the island of Guam.

More than 10 hours of programming are aired daily in 18 languages that reach into 22 countries, among them Afghanistan, India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, North Korea, Vietnam, and Australia.

TWR’s team of missionary engineers, mechanics, and computer technicians maintain six antenna arrays and three high-power transmitters. Having a stable electricity supply is the most important factor associated with broadcasting programs from the Guam broadcast site.

The greatest threat to a stable electricity supply is a typhoon that can knock out power lines or cause damage to the power plants on the island. Many typhoons have struck Guam over the years, and having a backup generator is a necessity to stay on the air at full power.

The current generator is 23 years old and requires us to reduce the transmitters to 50 percent power, and its age means it is increasingly difficult to get the parts needed to maintain it.

We plan to increase our broadcast hours at KTWR, so it is becoming even more critical to have a generator in place that can power all three transmitters, or more in the future, in the event of a power failure or unstable supply.

This year, TWR is seeking God’s provision of $155,000 toward this multi-year project of replacing the KTWR back up generator.


Suggested Donation: $100.00