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Suggested Donation: $100.00

We’re approaching the end of our fiscal year on Sept. 30 and, as we look back on the last year, there's lots to rejoice about!  By God’s grace and through your faithful support. Look what was accomplished:

• Our amazing digital TWR360 outreach is connecting with more language groups than ever, online and through our mobile app.
• China SON-Lift, our integrated media strategy in the most populous nation on the planet, is leading people to faith in Christ.
• In Africa, we’re reaching out with the message of peace and hope.
• All over the world, our Women of Hope broadcasts are encouraging and empowering women,many facing enormous challenges in difficult cultures.
• Power Up enabled us to bring online a new 450-kilowatt transmitter — the largest in the Western Hemisphere — doubling Shine 800 AM’s outreach, for a potential total of more than 100 million listeners!
• Our Middle East Outreach is taking God’s message of redemption and hope into one of world’s most difficult regions for Christians.
• And after an arsonist started a fire in our Cary headquarters, a wonderful outpouring of support from God’s people enabled us quickly to get back to work, with extensive repairs to the building in just over six months.

None of it could have happened without faithful friends like you! You’re helping reach millions around the world with the lifesaving good news, in their own heart languages. In a world full of pain and need, you are offering help, hope and healing that can only come from the Word of God.

Now it’s time to close out our fiscal year with one final victory ... pulling together to provide the $160,000 we need to finish our fiscal year in the black and keep each of our God-given projects and outreaches going strong. Would you prayerfully consider giving a fiscal-year-end gift of to celebrate what God has done — and is doing — through you and TWR?


Suggested Donation: $100.00