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The time is right for TWR to fortify our ministry in the South American country of Colombia for three reasons, and prayer is vitally needed for the process.

First, TWR's January 2018 increase in broadcast power from Bonaire means the signal to Colombia is stronger than ever, and listeners are reporting their joy at being able to hear the programs. We want to build on this and lead many to Christ in Colombia and disciple them in the Word of God over the air.

Secondly, the end of the forty-year guerilla war has not released Colombia from the grip of violence. Since the FARC guerrillas agreed to a permanent ceasefire, other forms of violence have increased. Drug trafficking and corruption still mean that rural impoverished villages are controlled by gangs, and because churches and Christians are seen as a threat to criminal and paramilitary groups, they are targets for persecution. Every year, dozens of pastors are killed, and the church needs feeding and encouragement.

Finally, the economic collapse in Venezuela, a major hub for TWR's Spanish production, has made ministry very difficult for our staff, who have to use a generator to record programs and spend extra time finding food to survive.

TWR would like to build a studio in Colombia equipped to take on the Spanish program production and build up our ministry in a place that desperately needs the hope of Christ.

Suggested Donation: 100.00