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Suggested Donation: $100.00

A devastating early-morning fire on December 22 damaged our ministry facilities in Cary, N.C. We don’t yet know how the fire began, but a criminal investigation is underway.

By God’s grace, no one was injured. We’re indebted to the first responders, who were on the scene in minutes — and our staff is maintaining operations in temporary quarters. Here’s the situation:

  • We’ve sustained significant smoke damage.
  • The loading dock, workshop areas, mail distribution and related work areas are ruined.
  • Upstairs, our Spanish group and TWR Women of Hope areas are blocked off entirely — this part of the building is structurally unsound and completely unsafe.
  • It’s clear we’ll also need to make some additional upgrades in security.

We’ve got to take action on this immediately, so the work of TWR can continue unhindered. We have insurance, but to restore our facilities will require us to satisfy our deductible, cover expenses not included in our policy and pay a number of other unexpected expenses. Therefore, we anticipate our out-of-pocket expenses to be more than $100,000. This is a challenging way to begin 2018, so we could really use your prayers and financial support at this time.  

Would you please help us meet this urgent need and restore our capacity to minister at full strength? TWR needs you as never before — in prayer and in giving.

Pray that God will guide us through the many logistical issues. Pray that many will be inspired along with you to give generously. Most importantly, pray that TWR will not miss a beat in sharing good news with millions worldwide!

In the meantime, stand with us on the promise of Isaiah 41:10: “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Suggested Donation: $100.00