How will she learn about Jesus?

Women living in Islamic countries often are afraid. Many cower in their homes. Some have been hiding their entire lives. Millions of women are routinely humiliated, physically abused, raped, and forced to marry while still children. No country or language group is immune. Muslim women everywhere need to hear God values and loves them! How do we bring the good news of Jesus to Muslim women who are forbidden to speak to men on the streets, often are denied an education, and treated like second class citizens?

There is a solution

And you’re part of it!

  • Radio reaches Muslim women where they are, no matter their social status or location.
  • Radio penetrates physical walls, cultural barriers and hardened hearts.
  • Radio is a friend, intimate and personal.
  • Radio meets them in their secret place.
  • Radio goes where missionaries cannot.
  • Nearly everyone has access to a radio.

In over 70 languages, Women of Hope is a weekly, 30-minute conversational program between friends presented in two segments. The “Life” segment shares practical advice about family, marriage, health, parenting, and cooking. The “Soul” segment then ties the practical advice in with a lesson from Scripture ultimately pointing listeners to Jesus Christ.

You and TWR in partnership together

Radio is one of the most effective tools for evangelism and a $100 gift can reach a potential audience of 10,000 people. Through a specific station tailored radio campaign with TWR, your listeners are encouraged to make a one-time gift of $100 or a monthly gift of $20 to bring the hope of Jesus to women across the globe by providing them with tips for practical daily living combined with solid biblical content to quench their thirst to know God personally.

Rescue a desperate heart today

Contact John Summerville
TWR’s Director of Radio Station Partnerships
919-460-3700 at TWR or [email protected].