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Children in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, have reason to celebrate. TWR’s Partners in the Ministry in South Africa together with ERF, TWR’s German partner, gave sacrificially to bring Project Samuel to Zimbabwe.

In 2010, TWR South Africa sent out an appeal letter to all of TWR’s Partners in the Ministry requesting prayer and support for programming and airtime for Zimbabwe. Many responded very generously – something for which we thank you and praise the Lord.

One of the programs on our list, in keeping with TWR’s vision to reach the children of Africa, is Project Samuel’s Witness at the Water in the local Shona language. Witness at the Water is a vibrant 30-minute radio drama about children in a fictional African village who encounter the same things in life as the program’s listeners. They bring their questions to a wise, old woman living by a river who teaches them God’s answers. Witness at the Water then takes 15 minutes of each episode to accept questions and comments from the listening audience through phone and text messaging, thus giving children a personal connection to the broadcasts.

In addition to the program, TWR has been able to gather children together into listener clubs and the program was launched at a special gathering in Harare in September 2011. TWR’s Health, Children and Youth Director, Winfred Oppong-Amoako, Regional Director Rev Bobo Gomez and International Director for Africa, Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah attended the launch, as well as 430 children, 37 teenagers and 90 adults from eight churches.

Learn more from TWR-Africa's website.