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Dear TWR,

Every word you say tastes like honey to me. I give thanks to God for your work. If you only knew about all the fruit that is born from your words! After finishing trade school at the age of 19, I escaped from the daily routine and became a professional soldier.  I thought I had found a purpose for my life. I was made to feel part of a ‘Private Army’ with our small Corps. This was reinforced by the military training exercises. Finally, I was sent to parachuting duty. Satan was building in me a ‘Tower of Babel’ that was getting stronger. Love was a sign of weakness to me, so I made every effort to ruin the relationship I had with my family by exposing myself to danger. Only Christ’s mercy saved me from Satan’s hand.

I became ill and had to go to military college. I considered this period as an escape, because it wasn’t as stressful and burdensome as the Army Corps. I planned to return to the Corps after my recovery. After I recovered, my studies went well and I seemed to be successful from a human perspective. However, I was separated from my environment because of my behavior, and Satan started his damaging work in my life. I realized that my arrogant behavior affected the people around me. Tensions occurred in my personal relationships which unfortunately reinforced my faith in my own power.

Although God spoke to me through my repeated medical problems, I always rejected Him thinking I was able to cope with everything. Eventually, He put me in a very difficult situation. My arm was hurt and I had many other illnesses. I thought to either get myself discharged to undergo a surgery or go abroad to join an army. But God confronted me with hard reality. I realized that there would be severe consequences in my life if I did not change after the surgery.

At once I was broken and crushed. My house of cards, which was built on sand, collapsed once and for all. While listening to your programs, God forced me to make a decision. I would either harden my heart even more and wipe out His presence from my heart, or I could choose the way, the truth and the life that leads to the Father. God helped me make the right decision. I recognized the monster I was in light of the Bible.

In 2006, I was born again in the spirit at the age of 26.  Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Lord and my rock. As Paul said, “He had mercy on me to show that even a man like me shall have salvation.” May the Lord bless you!

~ A listener in Hungary