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One of the many benefits of working for TWR, the world's most far-reaching Christian media ministry, is that I am improving in the cateogry of World Geography when I watch "Jeopardy."  Not only am I learning where countries are located on the map, I am learning about the people groups that live in that country or region of the world.  One example would be the Berbers.  Recently, Tom Streeter, a long-time TWR veteran who is very knowledgable about the Berbers, taught me that the Berber people are indigenous to North Africa and that a traveler will hear different languages and dialects spoken as you move from one Berber village to another.  As Tom puts it, "it's a challenge to...get into this area and share the Gospel."  That's why TWR's broadcast into this region is so important.

Click here to learn about TWR's current outreach into North Africa

(Photo of Tom Streeter)