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Eeva Vahasarja is a humble, peaceful, soft-spoken lady from Finland.  While her demeanor is quite gentle, her convictions and actions are very bold.  When Eeva and her husband Jari began exploring missionary opportunities, they started praying, "Lord, if you would like to use us in mission work, we are ready to go."  And, they meant it.  God called them to serve with TWR, and they answered that call by relocating to Vienna, Austria where Eeva now holds the position of Project Hannah Coordinator for Europe.  Could it be that God has been nudging you in the direction of global missions?  Why don't you bow before the Lord today and pray, "Jesus, if you have a special assignment for me in missions, I'm ready to go."

Click here to learn more about Project Hannah

(Photo of Eeva Vahasarja, TWR's Project Hannah Coordinator for Europe and Andy Napier)