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A listener letter from Hungary:

I am doing a correspondence grammar school and attend a music school where I have been learning to play guitar for three years. Besides that, I work full-time in the local orphanage for children under three years of age. I love "my children" in the Lord. The job is quite hard and a big responsibility, but when I look into their bright and clear eyes, I forget every difficulty and problem.

The reason I am writing you is because we heard your broadcasts and listened to it with a group. A local youth group that takes the Bible seriously has been holding its meetings in our place. On the second meeting, I took the opportunity and turned on the radio, listening to the Thru the Bible program. Since then, we have been listening to the broadcast at every meeting, and it is a special gift of God that you always deal with the same topic we had an issue with just prior to the meeting. It is as if you had been with us. Thank you for ministering to us!

For more information on Hungarian programs for young adults, click here.